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Gender Reveal Party Checklist

Gender Reveal Party Checklist

Gender Reveal Party Checklist

The journey of pregnancy and soon to be motherhood deserves a proper baby shower in our books! Celebrating your baby shower with a gender reveal is a must and should not be missed. That's why at Gender Reveal Celebrations we wanted to put together the ultimate checklist to make sure you don't miss any essentials. Planning your Gender Reveal Party should not be cumbersome or difficult. So sit back, relax, and review our baby shower checklist. We've put together every aspect from fun food items to exciting ways to unveil the sex of your baby. We hope you enjoy!

Gender Reveal Party Planning

Ultrasound Before Sending Out Invitations

We recommend not planning or sending out gender reveal party invitations until the sex of your baby is confirmed.  At Gender Reveal Celebrations we urge this because sometimes not all ultrasound technicians are able to discover the sex of your newest family member on your first appointment. When planning your baby shower or gender reveal party you don't want add any more stress to your body. So don't rush to send out the invitations until you have the gender of your baby all set.

Baby Shower/Gender Reveal Theme

After you have successfully had your ultrasound the fun begins! Set the theme of your gender reveal party and take your time with it. Their are so many themes you can have for your baby shower. If you haven't had a chance to glance jump over to Martha Stewarts Best Baby Shower themes to have a peek. Be prepared though, you might have a hard time choosing between many of the fabulous themes. You can find almost every Disney theme imaginable, to all pink, preppy, or even a flower power reveal theme! Almost any gender reveal theme you can think of and each one will leave you wanting to select that specific one, I promise! After you have selected a party theme it's time to start panning the fun parts. Remember, take your time with everything! Enjoy this moment you deserve it MOM!

Sending Invitations Out

Once you have selected the gender reveal theme you can now work on those coveted invitations. By selecting the theme first you should have a pretty good game plan on how to properly decorate those invitations now. But before you even get to that step, plan the gender reveal guest list. Most likely this will not be your final list of VIP people who attend, but will certainly help you organize how many party essentials you will need to purchase. If you plan on going the route of ordering personalized or custom invitations please make sure to order plenty of extras. We can guarantee you will have quite a few last minute invites you forgot to account for. Don't worry about forgetting someone it happens to everyone, and remember the more people at your baby shower party the more fun you will have!

Now is when you will want to select the gender reveal party date and location. Make sure to properly plan on a specific time and try to calculate how long you plan on having the reveal party. Sounds silly to say, but this is vital information to include on the invitations so make sure you have firmly set these before creating and sending. Side note, if you are renting a venue or party event area please make sure to lock down the space before event thinking about sending out those pretty invitation.

Fun Party Planning

All of the essential gender reveal party planning is out of the way, it's time get back to the fun parts! It's best to break down these next sections to ensure you don't forget any aspect or feel stressed out.

First, start out with creating a set party menu. We always find it's best to feed the belly before getting into the other gender reveal activities. Don't forget to plan for yourself with this aspect, since you can only eat certain types of food with your little one. BBQ foods or catering from your favorite local spot is always a hit for you and your guests.

With food comes drinks! Speak with your family members if you plan to serve alcohol. You can choose to even do a BYOB, this is a great way to save some money at your gender reveal party. If you serve drinks, you can find tons of great Gender Reveal Cocktails  that are pink and blue to enhance your party. Don't worry you will be able to find plenty of drinks to appease everyones favorite liquor. Remember to have plenty of food and drinks, it's always better give away extra goodies than to not have enough for the party attendees. 

Gender Reveal Drinks

Cake Ordering

After the delicious food comes the dessert! Many soon to be parents opt to do their gender reveal with a cake. You can go to your local bakery and let them know in a secret piece of paper and they will go ahead and fill the inside with blue or pink filling. This has become one of the most popular ways to unveil the sex at your reveal party. Rightfully so, it's absolutely delicious!

Gender Reveal Party Games

If you want to ramp up the fun consider including gender reveal party games! After everyone is well fed and the drinks are flowing its time to introduce some fun reveal activities. Feel free to include fun side games like corn hole and bocce ball for everyone to feel included. But then it's time for the most important game of all the gender reveal!

At Gender Reveal Celebrations we offer all of the most popular ways to reveal your little one. When we created our gender reveal products we made it a priority to make them affordable and offer a reveal worthy of your newest family member. Expect to experience a moment of shock and enough time to celebrate in a cloud of smoke or confetti. By far our most popular reveal item is our Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs. Let us help you fill the air in a cloud of pink or blue smoke. Tell your loved ones and family members to have their cameras ready! You will not want to miss some of these amazing pictures of shock with the soon to be parents.

Or maybe you will want to have you and your partner each have a Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon to fill the air in celebration! Our Gender Reveal Confetti Poppers will fill the air and allow you plenty of time to rejoice in a shower of confetti. Or maybe just a simple Gender Reveal Balloon. You most likely saw Kate Hudson celebrate with this item recently. If not, check out her awesome gender reveal balloon party video.

If you have any questions when it comes to planning our gender reveal please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer a full time staff to answer any questions or concerns. Our goal is to help you plan the ideal gender reveal party. We hope you enjoyed our brief gender reveal party checklist. Remember to relax, enjoy with the people you care the most about, and get ready to announce to the everyone BOY or GIRL! 

Congratulations soon to be parents from Gender Reveal Celebrations!


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