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Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Gifts

Gender Reveal Party Gifts

  Are you heading to a gender reveal party? While it’s not mandatory to bring a gift, it is nice to have a little something for the mom and dad-to-be to show them you care and you’re super excited to meet their new little bundle of joy. Keep the shopping process simple and check out these gender reveal gift ideas

Gender Reveal Party Gift for Mom

Baby Handprint Kits

  If you’re looking for a gift the parents will cherish forever, a baby handprint kit is a great option. The kit lets moms and dads capture their baby’s tiny little toes and hands forever and display them alongside pictures of the baby in a white, modern frame. 

  The mess-free baby handprint kit makes it easy for new parents to create an impression of their baby’s hands and/or feet by simply pushing into the clay, which is already in the frame. Once the handprints and/or footprints are created, all parents need to do is add two pictures of the baby and set the frame out to display.

  If you like the idea of gifting a baby handprint kit but aren’t a fan of the clay molds, a kit that uses ink is a good alternative. With our Baby Footprint Ink you don't even make a mess with ink at all! Don't worry about getting any ink on your newborn as you absolutely won't, all of these options are 100% safe for newborns.

Mom and Dad Gender Reveal Gift

Mom and Dad Mugs

  Commemorate your loved one’s entrance into parenthood with coffee mugs that read “Mommy est. 2019/2020” and “Daddy est. 2019/2020.” These gold and ceramic coffee mugs are handmade, so every single one has a unique pattern, and each order comes pre-packaged in an adorable box so it’s ready to gift as soon as it arrives.

  Because each mom and dad coffee mug is unique and designed to honor new parents, they can be used as a regular coffee cup or your friends can put them on display. Instead of drinking their morning coffee from these mugs, your friends might choose to display them on their work desk, next to pictures of their new baby or add them to the collection of trinkets lining the shelves of their kitchen hutch.

  If the gift recipients are a bit more laid back with a rustic style, choose the papa and mama bear coffee mugs instead. Each one is decorated with an image of a bear and says either “mama” or “papa” on it.

New Mom and Dad Wine Beer Gift

New Parents Starter Kit

  Do the new parents in your life enjoy a night on the town from time to time? If so, that’s something they may miss a lot as new parents. Fortunately, you can help them bring this lifestyle element home with the new parent's starter kit

  The kit comes with a beer glass that says “Dad, est. 2019/2020” and a wine glass that says “Mom, est. 2019/2020.” The new parents can use this gift when relaxing with a drink after a particularly stressful day or save them for a special occasion. Either way, if they enjoy having a drink, they’ll appreciate this gift.

Gender Reveal Gifts Mom Wine Glass

Mom Wine Glass

  Are you looking for a funny, yet practical gift for the mommy-to-be in your life? People often joke about moms needing a glass of wine after a long day caring for the kids, so this mom wine glass is sure to be a big hit!

  The wine glass is ideal for new moms who want to toast their baby’s arrival with their favorite merlot or those who like to unwind in the evening with a glass of their favorite chardonnay. The crafty shape of this stemless wine glass helps enhance the aroma and flavor of any wine — white, red, and rose. It features a hand-painted gold rim that accents the word “mom” emblazoned across it, which ensures everyone knows just who the glass belongs to.

  If you want a gift that’s a bit more unique, choose the wine glass that labels the new mom as “Queen Bee” instead. The stemless wine glass features the same hand-painted gold rim and design, but instead of saying “mom,” the glass says “queen” and has an image of a bee underneath it.

  If the new mom in your life isn’t a wine drinker, consider purchasing a “mom” tumbler instead. The pink tumbler comes with a lid, making it easy to take water, soda, tea, or coffee anywhere mom needs to go.

  Ultimately, the gender reveal gift you choose should be something the parents to be will enjoy and can keep to commemorate this special occasion. Your gift doesn’t need to be elaborate to be something they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

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