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Gender Reveal Quotes

Gender Reveal Quotes


  There are various ways we may include gender reveal quotations into our celebration. For instance, we might use quotations as part of our décor. Gender reveal quotes can be written on the paper plates, cups, and napkins we use, on balloons or stickers, on colorful chalkboards, or even on gender reveal t-shirts. In other cases, we might incorporate these quotes into a couple of the activities we have planned for the gender reveal. We can use gender reveal quotes as we have our guests guess the gender. Since there are so many ways we can incorporate gender reveal quotes the hardest choice might be simply choosing which quote we want to use.


Classic Quotes Used At Reveal


  When it comes to gender reveal quotes and sayings there are several classic ones that are always in style no matter what type of gender reveal celebration we plan.


Celebrating Careers


  We often dream that our children will grow up and follow our career footprints. Even while the purpose of a gender reveal is to celebrate the soon-to-be child, it can be amusing to also celebrate how cool the parents-to-be already are. Such gender reveal quotes may be based on various professions or on well-known figures in such fields.


Examples of profession-based quotes might look like: 


  • Actor or Actress?
  • Chairman or Chairwoman?
  • Policeman or Policewoman?
  • Businessman or Businesswoman?
  • Salesman or Saleswoman?


Examples of people-based quotes might look like:


  • Marie Curie or Einstein? (If the parents are scientists)
  • H.G. Wells or Mary Shelley (If the parents write science fiction)
  • Langston Hughes or Maya Angelou (If the parents are poets)
  • Derek Hough or Julianne Hough (If the parents are dancers)
  • Malala or Gandhi (If the parents are activists)


Fandom Based Quotes


  It might be entertaining to include our favorite films, television shows, and literature in our gender reveal party. Marvel characters, DC characters, Star Wars characters, Star Trek characters, Doctor Who characters, The Lord of the Rings characters, or any other characters that the parents enjoy could be the theme of gender reveal festivities. A great way to include our gender reveal quotations seamlessly throughout our event is to choose a fandom-based theme.


Examples might look like: 


  • Loki or Sylvie? (Marvel)
  • Frigga or Odin? (Norse Mythology)
  • Alexander or Eliza? (Alexander Hamilton)
  • Janeway or Picard? (Star Trek) 
  • Rip Hunter or Sarah Lance? (Legends Of Tomorrow)
  • General Leia or Han Solo? (Star Wars)
  • The Doctor or the TARDIS? (Doctor Who)
  • Wonder Woman or Superman? (DC)
  • Mr. Darcy or Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice)
  • Mary Tyler Moore or Dick Van Dyke? (Classic TV)


Gender Reveal Rhymes


  When it comes to gender reveal quotes and sayings, rhymes are another classic way to go.


Examples might look like: 


  • He or she, what will it be?
  • Little mister or little sister?
  • Pink or blue, we all love you!
  • Blue or pink, what do you think?
  • Almost time to see, which will it be?
  • Pink or blue, our dreams come true!
  • What will it be? We can’t wait to see!
  • A handsome little he or a beautiful little she?
  • Twinkle, twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are?
  • Ten little fingers, ten little toes, two little eyes, and one little nose.


Fun Gender Reveal Riddles 


  Gender reveal riddles are a great way to incorporate all our guests into the celebration. Everyone enjoys hearing a fun and lighthearted riddle


Examples might look like: 


We are just finding out

And we are going to cheer and twirl

Guess what Grandma

It’s going to be a…… (girl)!


Our hearts are so filled with joy!

We are having a baby and guess what?

It’s a…. (boy)


Can’t wait to see our pearl (joy)

Guess what’s coming soon?

We know it will be a…. girl (boy)!


Boy or girl what do you think? 

Either way, the diapers stink!

Boy or girl, which will it be? 

Bite into your cupcake and you will see!


  There are a ton of quotations or sayings we might consider using while hosting a gender reveal celebration. We can use classic quotes, riddles, or rhymes. We might also choose to emphasize the hobbies and interests of the new parents during the party. Composing the sayings, we'll use at our gender reveal and giving them a unique twist can be a great deal of fun. No matter which one we choose, we can be confident that the party will be fun for all our guests. Check out all of our gender reveal ideas today!

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