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Virtual Gender Reveal

Virtual Gender Reveal


  Over the past few years, we have come to realize that sometimes we can’t get together in-person for an event no matter how much we wish we could. Sometimes we live too far apart, or can’t find a time that works for everyone’s busy schedules. Sometimes it is a matter of having people we care about having limited mobility or other health challenges, which means they would not be able to attend our event. The good news is that when we are planning a gender reveal party, there are many ways we can incorporate others virtually. There is no reason not to have everyone we love at our gender reveal celebration, even if some of them live halfway across the globe. 

Send Gender Reveal Confetti Or Powder Cannons

  One great virtual gender reveal option is to send an item that will come with a big bang. Gender reveal confetti cannons or powder cannons allow guests to get in on the celebration in a big way. These cannons are easy to use and can be mailed to anyone who won’t be able to attend in person. In addition, we can use these cannons and then share via Facetime or Zoom since they fill the air with easy-to-see color. Gender reveal powder cannons are also just fun to use and are sure to create a festive environment that does not feel like being on just another zoom call.

Send Sports Gender Reveal Items

  We can also mail guests gender-revealing sports items that they will love. With sports items, we don’t have to choose only one sport to celebrate; we can celebrate them all. We might send different reveals to everyone so our friends who love football can have a touchdown while our basketball friends can have a slam dunk. Gender reveal sports items are visually impactful and so work really well virtually because everyone will be able to see no matter how small a screen they are watching on. Having a celebration where everyone gets to play their favorite sport is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Send Gender-Reveal Balloons

  There are a number of ways that gender reveal balloons can be used virtually. We can have everyone turn off their lights and then turn on their blue or pink LED balloons, filling our screens with sparkling and bright colors. Or we can send everyone "He or She? Pop to See" balloons and have everyone who is attending virtually pop them at the same time, so everyone is surrounded by pink or blue confetti. This is a great way to make all those who are attending virtually feel like they are actually there for our gender reveal celebration.

Send Gender Reveal Party Supplies

  Sometimes, creating a virtual gender reveal celebration can be as simple as sending everyone gender reveal plates and cups. We might also send the ingredients for a gender reveal sweet treat. We might send everyone a boxed cake mix and include a can of cherry or blueberry fruit topping or pink or blue sprinkles to add. There is something about eating a pink or blue sweet treat on a pink or blue plate that makes everyone feel included, even if they are showing up virtually instead of in person. It is a sure bet that everyone would enjoy a sweet treat showing up at their doors to help them celebrate with us. There are no shortage of great gender reveal ideas surrounding yummy and delicious foods.

Virtual Gender Reveal Ideas

  Now more than ever before, we are finding that in order to get all our loved ones together at the same time, we need to have part, if not all, of our gender reveal in a virtual setting. Today, we can bring loved ones together no matter how far apart they live, how busy their schedules are, or what other challenges they face planning for an in-person event.

  When creating a gender reveal celebration that guests will be attending virtually, it is important that we pick items that will be big, bold, and easy to see no matter what size screen they are on. It is also important to pick items that can be seen for an extended period of time, so no one has to stress if their internet connection gets a bit iffy. This might look like sending a confetti or powder cannon, sporting items, balloons, or even all the fixins for a party. With a virtual gender reveal, we find that everyone will be able to attend no matter where they are physically located, be able to celebrate with the happy new parents, and shower the parents with love.

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