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Taking Care of You and Your Newborn Now and After Pregnancy

You and your spouse are expecting. It’s a happy time for you and your loved ones. With so much planning, though, it’s important to take care of yourself now and after giving birth. 


Prenatal Vitamins


More than likely, your doctor will provide a prescription for prenatal vitamins. They contain essential vitamins and minerals that can help improve your baby’s brainpower, the development of their spinal cord, and help them build strong bones. Iron also helps improve the delivery of oxygen through your blood and healthy growth. 

Eat Healthy Often


The old expression “you’re eating for two” doesn’t mean that you need to pile plates with extra food three times a day. However, you may become hungry often. Eating less but also eating more frequently will solve your hunger without you having to worry about adding extra pounds. It’s okay to go off your diet occasionally like at your gender reveal party and during the upcoming holidays. Still, sticking to a healthy diet overall will make losing weight post-baby much easier.

Exercise Regularly


Exercise is good for you during pregnancy. It helps you to keep lean muscles and can help reduce stretch marks. Exercise also helps restore energy and stabilizes your moods. Additionally, it makes giving birth easier and helps you to fall asleep. Exercising throughout pregnancy will also help you return to your pre-pregnancy shape. 

Bringing Baby Home


You’re a new mom with a precious bundle of joy. Unfortunately, babies don’t come with handbooks for care. Family members, friends, and coworkers will offer advice. However, in the end, it’s a “learn as you go” process. By your second child, you’re a pro. Some new moms take to motherhood instantly. Others fear they don’t know what to do and will panic at any cry. Anxiety, stress, and a lack of sleep can bring on postpartum depression. If you think you have it, talk to your doctor immediately. There are many postpartum treatment options available. 

Share Duties

A new baby creates long hours and doesn’t leave much time for relaxation. It benefits you and your spouse if you both act as parents and share in its duties. Little ones need changing every few hours, bathing, and monitoring. It’s new to both of you. Sharing the responsibilities will enhance your relationship and help both of you bond with your newborn. It will also take some of the burden off of you, helping you to free up time. 

Rest Often


You’ll quickly learn that babies don’t have your sleep pattern. Some will occasionally sleep through the night. However, more often, babies sleep for only a few hours at a time. When they wake they need a diaper change, feeding, and love. This makes it hard to get a sufficient amount of rest every day. To make up for the lost hours, try napping when the baby does during the day or alternating with your spouse on their days off.  

Let Family Help


As a new mom, you want to take care of your newborn on your own. However, you will need downtime. Babies are a full-time job and, at times, exhausting. If you have parents or siblings who want to help out, let them. It doesn’t make you less of a mom. In fact, it makes you a better mom, as you know your limits. Take a break every few days for an hour to run errands, catch up on sleep, or visit the gym. You'll return, refreshed and better able to take care of your baby. 

Taking care of yourself and your little one during and after pregnancy is important to maintaining good health. Taking prenatal vitamins, eating healthy, exercising, and getting plenty of rest will benefit both of you. 

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