Gender Reveal Pink Powder Bombs


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Pink Gender Reveal Powder Cannon
Pink Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Pink Powder Bomb

 18 Inches and Produces Vibrant Pink Powder
100% Environmentally Friendly

 Twist and Pop! Our Pink Gender Reveal Powder Bombs are perfect for Gender Reveal Surprises. Each Powder Bomb is made with compressed air and packed with bright pink rice powder making them easy to use. We found 18 inch Powder Bombs were the perfect size to make the air fill up with your gender reveal surprise while giving you plenty of time to celebrate.

 We filled more than enough pink powder in each Gender Reveal Powder Bomb to make a statement! Big pop, bright pink color, and so easy to clean up. Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons are widely popular, but when the party ends the clean up can become a chore. No clean up needed with our water soluble rice powder! We thrived to create a moment you can capture with your loved one that was unique and memorable.

 Want to add more fun to your gender reveal powder bomb reveal? Wear white shirts and embrace the pink powder all around as your celebrate. Trust us, you will be ecstatic how these pictures come out. While making our gender reveal powder bombs we tested multiple sizes to try and figure out the ideal size.The last thing we wanted to do at Gender Reveal Celebrations was offer too many sizes. We crafted the perfect 18 inch Gender Reveal Powder Bomb to steal the show.

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Pink Gender Reveal Powder Cannon
Pink Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

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