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Jessica & Tim Pink Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Jessica & Tim Pink Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Jessica and Tim were one of our first customers at Gender Reveal Celebrations. This lovely and newly married couple was located in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. They were eager to have their second little one and were looking for a unique way to let everyone know about the good news! Jessica did not want to have a gender reveal party, but just wanted to do an announcement to her closest friends and family. We spoke and worked with her photographer to help create the best possible baby announcement pictures. 

What's exciting is working with each and every customer for their perfect reveal. No announcement is the same and we take pride in being able to offer individual help with every gender reveal sale. If you ever have any questions when it comes to the best way to use a gender reveal product or even if your wondering exactly how many items to order, please reach out. Working with Jessica and Tim was an absolute delight! Jessica knew that she was either interested in ordering our Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs or Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons. She did not want to deal with any clean up so it was a no brainer for her and Tim to select our smoke bombs. 

Once Jessica & Tim received our gender reveal smoke bombs they next had to decide on the location! They ended up picking their backyard and not venturing out too far. As they just moved into their new family home and thought their was no better place to announce the good news! Neither of the newlyweds had any idea of what color was going to be showcased. They purchased our mixed gender reveal smoke bombs which include 2 pink and 2 blue canisters. These are absolutely perfect to purchase without giving away the sex of the baby. If somebody is purchasing on your behalf you can go ahead and purchase 4 blue or pink smoke bombs in one pack.

The only person that was aware of the pink gender reveal smoke bombs being held was the photographer Emily. She was put in charge of opening the note from the doctor and selecting the proper gender reveal smoke bombs. When private gender reveals happen it makes us feel extra special that we could help make and be apart of the occasion. Gender reveal ideas are endless and you shouldn't feel rushed, make sure to check out all options before finding the perfect reveal. 

You could tell this was special moment as their first child Angela was beyond excited to start the smoke bombs. Right from the beginning they knew they wanted to include their first born. When it became the moment to light the gender reveal smoke bomb the three of them gathered together and waited. It only takes about five to ten seconds after lighting the gender reveal smoke for the vivd pink to fill the air. The photographer had plenty of time to capture tons of pictures to showcase and announce their second princess into the family.

Smoke Bomb For Gender Reveal

Jessica and Tim were filled with joy and excitement! Since our gender reveal smoke bombs come with two of each color, they were able to create another photographic scene as well. After they took a picture with just them two, they brought back Angela for another fun photo shoot! We can't thank Jessica and Tim enough for allowing us to share these images with us!

Pink Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

If you have any questions when it comes to using these gender reveal smoke bombs do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are confident you will absolutely fall in love with the vivid colors these smoke bombs produce. If you need some creative ways to use these gender reveal products feel free to reach out. Jessica and Tim had the privilege to share all of these photos with their closest friends and family. She was able to create a moment to savior for a lifetime! Don't miss out on an amazing and cheap way to announce your little girl is entering the world! 


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