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Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts for 2022

Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts for 2022


  When our friends and loved ones get pregnant, most of us throw them a party to celebrate their impending arrival. Whether you're attending a baby shower, gender reveals, or a sprinkle for her fifth little one, it gets hard coming up with new gift ideas to give moms-to-be. Social media can influence us into buying things they may not want or will never need just because it's cute or the next big thing. But, most new moms want as much time as possible to spend time cuddling and nurturing their little one, so presents that promote that are ideal. If you're searching for the perfect gift she'll not only love but will actually use, keep reading for the must-have baby shower gifts this year. 

Formula Dispenser

  A formula dispenser is a must for parents who will be formula-feeding or supplementing their babies. These dispensers are not only a game changer because they perfectly dispense formula in the right ratio but heat it to the perfect temperature; they're a lifesaver too. The new parents will be eternally grateful to you during those middle-of-the-night feedings knowing their baby's bottle is perfect every time. These can be costly, so they're either a splurge or a great gift to go in on with other people. 

Growth Charts 

  Gone are the days when you need to use a pen or pencil to measure your growing child in the kitchen doorway. While there's something to be said for continuing traditions like this, if the mother-to-be has a modern aesthetic, she'll love a high-end growth chart. You can get minimalist, modern, or themed fabric growth charts that match the parent's to-be style that will one day become a treasured heirloom. 

Creature Comforts 

  Newborns spend an average of sixteen hours a day asleep, so creating a comfortable environment for them is crucial. If you don't have the budget to give the parents a new bassinet or co-sleeper, there are plenty of cozy options to ensure the baby sleeps peacefully. Lux blankets, newborn clothes, and soft loveys are something the baby will love and feel secure with. Look for these types of comfort in natural textiles like 100% organic cotton or linen. Parents and babies alike will appreciate your thoughtfulness when manufacturing and fabricating any items the baby comes into regular contact with.

White Noise Machine 

  There is a good chance you use a white noise machine each night to help you quickly fall asleep and stay asleep. Imagine you're a baby who's easily awakened by small sounds and has difficulty falling asleep. Imagine you are a parent trying to put a crying baby back to sleep who's been woken up! Giving a white noise machine is a great gift because it mimics the womb by blocking out most sounds. The comforting and constant sound of a white noise machine helps the newborn get deep, restorative, and healthy sleep which is vital to growth and development. 

Diaper Backpacks 

  Remember the old days when diaper bags were a shoulder tote in a kid-friendly or childlike print? Those days are gone to the delight of stylish parents worldwide. A diaper bag is essential to all newborn parents whenever they leave home with the baby, and they carry so much more than diapers. From pacifiers, bottles, change of clothes, and favorite soothing toys, diaper bags have to fit a lot. There's a good chance the diaper bag doubles as a purse for mom too. Gifting a stylish diaper bag in a neutral color made of durable and long-lasting leather keeps new parents organized while remaining stylish. They may continue to use the bag long after the baby is out of diapers too, so it's a gift that keeps giving!

  Other items like drool bibs, outdoor blankets, baby books, and bathtubs are also great gender reveal gifts. It's best to leave items like bottles and pacifiers up to the parents as babies can be quite particular, and it usually takes some trial and error to figure out what type of bottle or pacifier they prefer. By using the above list as a guide, you're sure to give something that the parents and baby not only love but will use frequently.

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