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How to Plan a Free Gender Reveal

How to Plan a Free Gender Reveal


  Many of us wonder if we can still plan an exciting gender reveal celebration if we find ourselves with a limited budget. The good news is there are several DIY options that are available to us and won’t cause us to break the bank. In addition, DIY celebrations are a lot of fun because it means we are forced to be more creative and come up with a more personalized experience. DIY can cover a wide range of parts of a gender reveal such as how we decorate or how we do the actual reveal. The only thing that limits our gender reveal possibilities is our own imaginations.


Gender Reveal Party Decorations:


  There are several simple ways we can decorate for a gender reveal celebration. We might use blue or pink paper plates, cups, and silverware or order blue or pink balloons that we can use to decorate. We might use blue or pink glitter or confetti to make our space feel festive. We could take something as simple as pink or blue paper and create origami so that each of our guests can take home a reminder or our big event.


  While we can always go out and buy decorations that are designed specifically for gender reveal celebrations, we can also take items found at our local stores and give them a gender reveal twist. For example, we could take plain white paper cups and draw shapes or messages on the bottom in either blue or pink marker or write on balloons and then have guests blow the balloons up to see the word its a boy or its a girl appear. 


Yummy Reveals


  There are several ways we can use food items as part of our gender reveal. We could have various baked goods which are either colored pink or blue with food coloring or use color coordinating fillings such as blueberries or blackberries for boys and strawberries or cherries for girls. In other cases, we might bake a small plastic football or a princess crown into what we are making. Depending on the season we could even use blue or pink ice pops to celebrate. Everyone enjoys eating yummy food so everyone at our gender reveal will love a food-based reveal. 


Clothing Dress Up Reveals


  We can use the clothing we already have in our gender reveal. We can wear a pink or blue shirt under another T-shirt and reveal the gender by taking off the top shirt. We can also wear pink or blue socks and lift our pants to reveal the gender. Clothing reveals are versatile since most of us have both something pink and something blue in our wardrobe that we can use. Depending on how crafty we are we can even use beets if we want to tie dye items pink or spirulina if we want a blue color. Check out our most popular gender reveal shirts today!


Musical Reveals


  If we feel like thinking outside the gender reveal box, we might consider singing a song or doing a flash mob to share the gender. While there are lots of songs we could choose from, some ideas include “Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend” or “The Boys Are Back In Town.” Having a sing along where everyone at our gender reveal is singing their hearts out is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face and be something everyone will remember for a long time. 


Incorporating Others:

  If we are comfortable with the public knowing our news, we could incorporate a local radio station. While it would take some pre-planning it would be fun to have someone call in and get the announcer to say the next song goes out to a family who is excited to welcome a new soon to be member to their family, then play a song with either girl or boy in the name. This is the type of local good news story that radio stations love to share.  

  We might also incorporate pets such as having a puppy grab a toy whose color identifies the gender or wear a sign that says soon I won’t be the only good girl or boy. We might also have children reveal the gender by holding up a note that says I love my new brother or sister. 


  Even if our budget for our gender reveal is very small, we can still create an amazing celebration that truly honors how much we care about our soon-to-be child. There is nothing stopping us from hosting the gender reveal celebration of our dreams. Gender reveal celebrations are great ways to connect our family and friends and allow them to find ways they can support us on our journey into parenthood. 

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