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Are Powder Cannons for Gender Reveal Safe?

Are Powder Cannons for Gender Reveal Safe


  Soon-to-be parents often can be identified because they are always walking around with a big smile on their faces. When we are expecting we tend to want to share updates about the growth and development of our child with everyone we meet. Many of us have found ways to celebrate important milestones including having baby announcements, traditional baby showers, and more recently gender reveal celebrations. These celebrations are a great way for us to show family and friends how much we care about our new baby.  


  Gender reveal celebrations are joyous occasions and can include a wide range of products. Some of us choose more traditional party items such as gender reveal balloon garlands, curtains, stickers, cups and plates, banners, or even sashes for the new parents. On the other hand, some of us have used gender reveal baseballs, footballs, golf balls, soccer balls, or basketballs as a fun way of celebrating. There is a wide range of gender reveal party products so no matter what our passions might be there is a product that is a perfect fit.


  Sometimes we want to celebrate the gender of our baby with a bang. In these cases, we might choose a gender reveal smoke cannon. Smoke cannons are a great way to share our news with a large group of people. These cannons are made with compressed air and are filled with bright water-soluble blue or pink rice powder making them simple to use and safe for the environment. These powder cannons offer a big pop, bright color, and easy cleanup. These powder cannons are the perfect choice if our goal is to create a moment with our loved one, family and friends that we can always remember.


Are Powder Cannons Safe?


  When we hear about powder cannons one of our first questions might be are they safe? The answer is yes. Powder cannons use compressed air and are completely safe to use. Compressed air is not combustible nor do these powder cannons contain any other types of flames. This means they are safe for everyone to use and have no danger of exploding and getting us on the nightly news.


Can Young Children Use Powder Cannons?


  Yes, powder cannons are easy to use and a great way of getting new big brothers and sisters involved. Note: If young children are helping set powder cannons off, it is important that we make sure they do so with adult supervision. The key to keeping everyone safe is to make sure we don’t point the cannon directly at other people when setting them off. Like anything else thrown directly into someone's face or eyes, if the powder cannon is launched directly at someone it could cause irritation or damage. 


Are Powder Cannons Safe for The Environment?


  Yes, in addition to being safe for people, gender reveal powder cannons are safe for the environment. These cannons use rice powder which quickly and harmlessly washes away. This means we can be good using them at our favorite nature spots, in our backyard, or even a large field depending on the number of guests we plan to have present. Overall one of the reasons that gender reveal powder cannons are so wonderful is because they are safe for both our guests and for the environment and easy to clean up.


How Can We Best Use a Powder Cannon?


  While the simple act of using a gender reveal powder cannon will create an experience, we will remember long into the future there are ways we can make the experience even better. For example, we can wear white shirts or other pieces of white clothing to highlight the color of the powder. We might also want to set up several cameras or hire someone else to take pictures from every angle and create a 365-degree video of the big event. Everyone loves seeing a couple with a big smile on their faces.


How Do We Clean Up After Using a Gender Reveal Cannon?


  Finally, while using a gender reveal cannon is a lot of fun, we might worry about what type of cleanup we will have to do afterwards. The good news is powder cannons are easy to clean up because the rice powder is completely water soluble. We can leave the powder until the next rainstorm or simply use a little leftover water to wash the area clean. This is useful since we already have many tasks on our to-do lists and cleaning up after a gender reveal party is not one of them. Gender reveal powder cannons are safe for us, safe for the environment, and safe from leaving us with a ton of clean up to do. Make sure to check all of our gender reveal ideas!

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