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How Do You Clean-Up Confetti After a Gender Reveal?

How Do You Clean-Up Confetti After a Gender Reveal?


  Gender reveal confetti cannons are a lot of fun and one of the most exciting ways to celebrate a gender reveal.  These cannons can impressively shoot up and burst over fifteen feet in the air. Confetti cannons fill the air with blue or pink confetti and tissue paper. Confetti cannons are a great choice if a couple wants to share their good news with a large group of people or want to fill a large backyard with joy.


  Gender reveal confetti cannons are simple to use. If you jump to our gender reveal ideas section we help show you how confetti cannons work.  They can even be used one handed so are a great way to get older siblings involved and excited to be big brothers or sisters. It is important that if children are using the cannons, they do so with adult supervision to make sure the cannons are not pointed directly at other people. On the other side of the spectrum gender reveal confetti cannons are a great way to get grandparents who might have limited mobility involved. No matter who you decide to help with your gender reveal it will bring a smile to everyone present to know that they are being included.


  In addition to bursting high overhead confetti cannons are also great if you want to take several photos to memorialize the big day or if you want to create a short video to send to family and friends who live too far away to attend your event. Pictures of the gender reveal can become treasured keepsakes that can bring back fond memories for years to come. Such photos can also be shared on Pinterest or Instagram to help other soon to be parents create amazing gender reveals of their own.


How To Clean Up Confetti Cannons?


  Gender reveal confetti cannons shoot biodegradable confetti so after it rains 3-4 times it will dissolve leaving no trace. This means once you are done with your reveal all you need to do in terms of cleanup is to sweep up most of the confetti. Once most of the confetti is swept up it can be thrown out or placed on a compost pile. Using biodegradable confetti means you can celebrate your child's gender while also knowing you are protecting the environment. Cleaning up after using a confetti cannon is quick and easy which is another reason why they are such a good choice for our gender reveal celebrations. 


How Do Confetti Cannons Work?


  Gender reveal confetti cannons can be used indoors and outdoors and work best when shot right above loved one’s head. Confetti cannons can be held in a single hand and pointed towards the sky. Simply twist the bottom part to set your confetti cannon off making sure not to point them directly at people to keep everyone safe. Gender reveal confetti cannons allow you to capture some amazing pictures to showcase to all your loved ones who were unable to attend.


Does Anyone Know the Gender in Advance?


  Confetti cannons are designed so only the person who bought them will know the gender until after the big reveal. Each package contains two blue and two pink cannons with a secret note which explains how you can tell which are pink and which are blue. This means these confetti cannons are great in situations where you want to keep the gender a closely held secret until the big reveal. Or you can order blue confetti cannons or pink confetti cannons if you already know the desired color. This also means these confetti canons are a great choice for cases of twins or triplets because all the children’s genders can be revealed. Confetti cannons are a fun way to make sure no one accidentally discovers the gender before the reveal.


  Confetti cannons are a great way to do a gender reveal. They bring a touch of showmanship to our event and can be used to bring all our friends and family members together. Confetti cannons are also easy to clean up after leaving you more time to continue to check items off your to-do list before your child arrives. Since these cannons use biodegradable confetti, they allow you to leave nothing behind. This means you can also choose to use them in a local park if you would like an outdoor celebration. Confetti cannons are a great way to share the gender of your soon-to-be child with friends and family. There are several different ways you can celebrate a gender reveal but using gender reveal confetti cannons is always a safe bet. Confetti cannons will leave a lasting impression with everyone who is involved.

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