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Dog Gender Reveals

Dog Gender Reveals



  Our dogs will always be an important part of our family. When we are planning to do a gender reveal, we can use our photogenic dogs to share the good news. There are a lot of different ways we can incorporate our dogs into our celebrations. Dogs can be part of gender reveal photo shoots. They can wear the reveal. They can even eat or walk themselves into our gender reveal. Since we love our dogs, what better way to incorporate them into our celebration of the new member of our family?

Dressing Up Our Dogs

  Dressing up our dogs is a sweet way to delight family, friends, or our partner with the big gender reveal news. This could look like a pink or blue bow, a collar, or even a doggy tuxedo if we want our dogs to be all dressed up for the big event. We can dress our dog up and have the outfit do the gender reveal or place them next to a sign sharing the gender instead. Dressing up our dogs only makes them more handsome or beautiful.

Gender-Reveal Dog Bandanas

  This is a sweet way to allow our dogs to share the gender with everyone while they work the room, getting all the pats that their hearts desire. We can also have the keeper of the gender hand the new parents a wrapped bandana and when they unwrap it and put it around their dog's neck, they get to see the gender revealed. Our dogs are sure to look good wearing a new bandana. 

Gender Reveal Dog T-Shirts

  This is a sweet way to include a longer message as part of our gender reveal photos. There is something about a dog wearing a "Guess What It’s A Boy/Girl shirt" that will bring the fun to our gender reveal photos. Shirts can also be used no matter what cute saying we want to share. In addition, after the gender reveal, we can save the shirt and create a memento that we can even choose to frame and include in the nursery.

Gender Reveal Signs

  There are a number of creative messages we can place next to our dogs during a gender reveal. We might choose something like "Soon I will not be the only good boy/girl" or "It’s official, I’m getting a sister/brother." In addition to gender reveals, signs can also work well for pregnancy announcements when we use messages such as "I’m going to be a big brother/sister." There really are uncountable ways we can use gender reveal signs.

Doggie Cakes for Gender Reveal

  Making a dog-friendly cake and allowing our dogs to discover the gender is a fun way to incorporate them. This is a cute spin on a smash cake for a baby’s first birthday party. Our dogs are also sure to love this option because all our dogs love to both eat and get messy at the same time. While a gender reveal cake works well for photos, this method also works well at a gender reveal celebration.

Gender Reveal Balloons

  While there is almost nothing that is more adorable than our dogs, having our dogs surrounded by balloons is sure to create an amazing photo. We can have our dogs stand surrounded by balloons or stand next to a chalkboard adorned with gender reveal balloons to help share our good news. Depending on our dog, we might even do a balloon pop where they pop the balloon and get covered in gender reveal powder.

Gender Reveal Paw Prints

  There are many ways we can incorporate our dog’s paw prints into a gender reveal. We could have them walk in pink or blue paint and walk across a length of paper or walk across a white T-shirt. Paw prints are similar to baby footprints or handprint kits we might get. Paw prints are very sweet because they remind us of the tiny feet that the new baby is going to have.

  Dogs are man’s best friend, so it makes sense to have them participate in our gender reveal party. They can be the ones to share the message, they can stand next to a message, or they can be active participants in a gender reveal when we use a cake or their paw prints. Our dogs are going to play an important role in our expanding family and will be the ones who will always be looking out for their new brother or sister. Using them to do a gender reveal just makes sense.

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