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Planning Your Gender Reveal Photoshoot

Planning Your Gender Reveal Photoshoot


  When planning a gender reveal it is important, we plan how we will capture the moment in wonderfully looking photos. This means thinking about what props we plan on using as well as how we are going to set up our space to capture our perfect photo. In addition, it is important to consider who we want to be part of the photo shoot. Sometimes it will just be the happy couple. Sometimes we will want our photos to include a whole community of friends and family celebrating during the gender reveal. To be able to capture the pictures of our dreams we are going to have to plan.


Gender Reveal Props


  We can use almost anything as a prop for a gender reveal photo. We can use gender reveal smoke bombs, gender reveal confetti cannons, or powder to create a wonderful back drop to our photos. We might also choose to use pink or blue balloons, or balloon letters where we can spell out our good news so everyone can see. We might choose to wear a gender reveal shirt for our photos. Another common type of prop is using crochet baby shoes to represent our soon-to-be child. We can both use props we already have available to us as well as items we purchase just to use for photos. Note if we are planning on having a phot booth at our gender reveal celebration so everyone can get in on the fun, we might choose to buy various assortments of gender reveal props or items.


Setting Up Our Reveal Space


  As any who has posted a photo on Instagram knows how we set up and frame our photo can make all the difference. Many of us will find taking outdoor photos can be amazing especially if we catch nature's wonder in the background of our gender reveal photos. It can also be helpful to scope out where we plan to take photos ahead of time to make sure we will be able to capture the happy couple and their news in the best light. No one wants to do a photo shoot only to discover there is a car or building in the background that we did not intend to capture. If we are having photos taken at the gender reveal celebration, we might want to invest in a photo booth or at least find a nice clear wall that guests can stand in front of while having their pictures taken. Need any gender reveal picture ideas? We have you covered jump over to our gender reveal ideas sections to help plan the perfect announcement. 


Who Is Involved?


  Gender reveal photoshoots can be as simple as having a friend or family member capture a few photos on their phones or as complex as planning a whole photo shoot at a location that has meaning for the happy couple. Photoshoots are also a great way to incorporate other family members such as older siblings or even pets into our good news. Who we involve in our photoshoots will all depend if we want to capture a few candid action shots of the couple finding out the gender or if we want a formal picture that we can use on cards that we can mail to all our loved ones who cannot meet in person.


Capturing The Perfect Reveal Photos


  When we are taking photos there are several tips we can use. For example, many of the best photos include the rule of thirds where the subject takes up one or two thirds of the photo but is not centered. In addition, making sure we will have good lighting which can make a big difference when it comes to capturing photos. Finally, it is important that we understand our camera well. This means we will want to test our camera and see what kind of editing software it comes with before jumping right into taking photos. With a little planning we can capture amazing photos no matter what type of camera we have on hand for our celebration.


  When it comes to a gender reveal photoshoot it does not matter if we take the photos or if we hire a professional photographer the steps are basically the same. We need to consider what props we want to use, how we want to set up the space, and who we want involved with the photos. It is also important that we have a good understanding about how our camera works and the basics of photography such as the rule of thirds. Taking photos is just another way we can celebrate our soon-to-be child and make sure everyone who loves and cares for us knows our big news. 

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