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Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Gender Reveal Cake Idea

Gender Reveal Cake

  One of the highlights of any gender reveal party (other than the reveal itself) is the cake. Not only is it a great treat for your party guests, if it's well-designed you can use it as a table centerpiece. You can even make the cake the highlight of the event by having a gender reveal cake reveal. Discover different options for gender reveal cake ideas and how you can plan an amazing one below!

Baby Gender Reveal Cakes

How Does a Cake Gender Reveal Work?

  When you have a gender reveal party with a cake reveal, the baby’s gender is "announced" when the soon-to-be parents cut into the cake. Because of this, the event’s “secret keeper” needs to either bake the cake or order it so the gender isn’t revealed to the parents before the party.


Types of Cake Gender Reveals

  One cool thing about cake gender reveals is that you have several different options from which to choose. Many people choose to use food coloring to color the entire inside of the cake pink or blue. And this is probably the best idea for anyone who isn’t ordering a gender reveal cake from a professional baker because it’s fairly easy to do.

  However, if you’re ordering your cake from a pro, you might opt to have a marbled cake instead of one that’s completely pink or blue on the inside. Marbled cakes normally have chocolate or another flavor mixed in a marble pattern throughout the cake. Marbled gender reveal cakes are similar except the lines weaved throughout the cake are colored pink or blue with food coloring.

  You could also order a “Surprise on the Inside” cake. These cakes have a hollow middle that’s filled with pink or blue candy. So, when you cut through to the middle the colored candy falls out revealing the baby’s gender. 

  Of course, you can make marbled and “Surprise on the Inside” cakes yourself, but they are harder to make than a cake that’s completely pink or blue on the inside.

Gender Reveal Party Cakes

Best Flavor for Gender Reveal Cakes

  You can choose any flavor you want for your gender reveal cake, with a few exceptions. You don’t want to choose chocolate or another dark-colored cake unless you opt for a “Surprise on the Inside” cake reveal because the food coloring won’t show through the dark color of the cake. Another option if you have your heart set on chocolate, is to make the frosting between the layers pink or blue.

  If you’re using food coloring to reveal the baby’s gender, the best flavor you can choose would be vanilla because it’s white. However, yellow cake would also work well. And both options can be completely colored or marbled.

Gender Reveal Cake Toppers

Gender Reveal Cake Toppers

  Gender reveal cake toppers should go with the theme of your gender reveal party. But if you aren’t planning a themed event you can purchase a simple “He or She” gender reveal cake topper. Typically, these come as a set of three — one piece per word — and each word is attached to a stick that you slide into the top of the cake. A good alternative to this is to simply create a pretty design using blue and pink cake accessories. Also, you can cover the entire cake in white icing or fondant. Then, decorate one half of the cake with blue icing and cake toppers and the other half with pink icing and cake toppers. 

  If you’re looking for cake toppers that match your themed gender reveal party, brainstorm a list of ideas related to the theme before choosing your toppers. For example, if you’re having a Harry Potter gender reveal party, you might look for figurines of Harry and Hermione to use as cake toppers. Or, if you’re having a football-themed event, you might look for football and pom-pom shaped cake toppers.

  You don’t have to have a cake topper that actually says “he or she?” (or a similar phrase) if you don’t want one. For example, a good alternative would be a cake topper that says “how we wonder what you are.” You could also look for cake toppers with baby-related items that are pink and blue, like plastic rattles, and use them as your topper.

  The best thing about having a cake gender reveal is that you can concentrate the rest of your party budget on food and gender-neutral decor items like balloons and streamers. If you decide to use another gender reveal method, like gender reveal smoke bombs or gender reveal confetti cannons, you’ll still want to serve your guests cake. Just make sure it goes with your theme, and make sure there's enough to go around, gender reveals work up an appetite!

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