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Gender Reveal Party Decorations

gender reveal party decoration ideas

Gender Reveal Party Decoration Ideas

  The party decorations you choose for your gender reveal party can make or break it. After all, your guests attend for one reason and one reason only — to celebrate your new baby! They expect to see fun baby-related decorations that keep them wondering whether you’re having a boy or a girl, right up until the reveal itself. If you want the best gender reveal party decorations, check out these options.


Gender Reveal Balloons

Gender Reveal Party Balloons

  The great thing about boy or girl balloons is the fact that they’re so versatile. These balloons spell out the phrase “boy” or “girl” and they have self-sealing valves for easy inflation. 

  Order a combo set with one “boy” and one “girl” balloon to decorate the entryway to your party. Or let guests guess the gender of your baby by taking pictures with the balloon of their choice. The metallic-looking balloons make great props for Instagram photos and Snapchat stories as well. Of course, you can also use the balloons during your gender reveal by holding up or pointing to the correct balloon as you pose for pictures.

  LED gender reveal balloons are another great option for your party, especially if you’re hosting an evening event. The balloons come in blue or pink, and each balloon has a small LED inside that’s activated when you push the button on the bottom of the balloon. You can even push the button multiple times to choose whether you want the balloons to flash quickly, flash slowly, or stay on.

  Order 15 to 20 LED gender reveal balloons and fill your room with them to unveil the gender of your new family member as your guests enter the room. Or place the LED balloons in a large box so when you open the box, the LED balloons come out, lighting up the evening sky.


Create a Fun Gender Reveal Centerpiece


unique gender reveal party decoration ideas

  Consider creating a fun table centerpiece to greet guests in an intriguing way as they arrive. Simply fill the table with blue and pink baby items or baby-related props. Then, create a centerpiece that asks guests whether your baby will be a boy or a girl. While you can keep your centerpiece simple, many couples choose to create one that matches the theme of the party. 

  For example, instead of simply posing the question, “he or she?” you might decide to ask guests to choose between:

  • Quarterback or cheerleader
  • Touchdowns or tutus
  • Boo-y or Ghoul
  • Burnouts and bows
  • Team blue or team pink

  Alternatively, you could keep your entryway decorations simple by displaying a cute sign welcoming guests and asking them to vote on the gender of your baby. You can do this by providing plates of blue and pink clothespins for guests to attach to their clothing or you can set up a small chalkboard so guests can mark their vote anonymously. You could even have a tray of plastic beaded necklaces so guests can show off their gender choice throughout the event.


Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Event Decor


  Once you have the main decorations in place for your gender reveal, you need to add a few small finishing touches to pull it all together. For example, you might include a container full of gender reveal straws or a stack of gender-reveal-themed plates to your food and drink table — especially if you opted for neutral tablecloths, linens, and napkins. 

Gender Reveal Party Decoration Straws

  Some other items you should consider adding to your decor include:

  • Candles
  • Confetti
  • Strands of beads
  • Table runners
  • Solid pink or blue balloons
  • Streamers

  Keep in mind though, while it’s okay to think outside the box a bit when choosing decorations for your gender reveal party, you don’t want to add really colorful items to the mix. You already have a good variety of pink and blue decorations, so consider off-setting the color a bit by adding white, black, or gray decorations strategically throughout the event area. For example, if you’re decorating with bright LED balloons, you might want to add some plain white balloons to your party decor instead of adding solid pink or blue balloons. 


Consider Combining Your Gender Reveal and Baby Shower


  When you combine your gender reveal party and baby shower, you have a lot more decoration options available. Instead of sticking to blue or pink decorations, you can incorporate cute baby animals or your favorite cartoon character into the event. Or you could use things like star-themed baby mobiles or fun gender-neutral onesies as part of your decor.

  There’s no shortage of decoration options for gender reveal parties. You can choose elaborate decorations or keep things simple — it’s totally up to you. Just be sure to choose items you like to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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