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Gender Reveal Food Ideas

Gender Reveal Food Idea


  You're expecting and now you have no idea what to expect when you host your gender reveal party. You're not sure if it's a boy or girl, so how do you choose a color theme, and what foods do you serve? It's easy to get overwhelmed with the many choices, but pulling off a small or large party isn't difficult with a little planning. 

Relax, we've got you covered from appetizers to desserts! 

What Kind of Food Do I Serve? Here Are Some Gender Reveal Food Ideas

  The type of food you serve largely depends on the type of party you're having. Are you doing an afternoon reveal, or hosting a party in the park in the evening? Before you start coming up with food ideas, it's important to set your venue and party time. 

  If you're hosting an event that goes into the evening, you'll want a little more than finger foods, you'll likely want to include heartier options. But if you're hosting a short lunch reveal, finger foods are all you'll need. 

Cupcakes and Cake

  Any type of celebration should include a cake, whether it's the actual gender reveal method or not. You can decide whether you want to use cupcakes, cake pops or a full-size sheet cake. Have it designed with either your nursery theme or instead opt for a cutesie message that describes the gender reveal party. 

  When displaying the cake option of your choice, make it the focal point of the table. Surround it with smaller items that are festive and or functional but won't distract from the confectionary masterpiece. Consider items like plates and napkins but also Gender Reveal Stickers the guests can pick up to "vote" for their guess. 

Gender Reveal Food Idea




  No matter what type of party you're hosting, you'll want to put some kind of nibblers out for your guests. You can keep it simple and include hors d'oeuvres, such as pigs in a blanket, mini quiches and pastries. 

  Pickles, olives and cheese bites are great for popping in your mouth and tend to be very popular at parties. Don't forget the fan-favorite Popcorn option! Additionally, you can do traditional dishes such as deviled eggs and shrimp cocktail. 

  Mini meatballs are another option, as are chips and dips. You can even make the event a potluck and ask your guests to bring a dish to share with everyone. This is especially acceptable with a low-key party that's among family and friends and makes a good option for a summer barbecue or picnic in the park setup. 

Food for Gender Reveal Party 



  If you're hosting a party that's expected to last a few hours, you'll want to offer a meal or at least a large enough spread to keep guests from getting hangry. Platters come in handy here and you can have a fruit tray with a variety of in-season fruits such as strawberries, bananas, blueberries and grapes. 

  Vegetable platters often include broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and tomatoes to name a few. If you're looking to earn brownie points, have a cold-cut platter with different meats such as turkey, ham and salami, as well as a few different cheeses so guests can make a sandwich. 

  The meals don't have to be gourmet, they just need to be able to satisfy your guests' hunger. 

Don't Forget the Drinks

  In planning for food, it's easy to forget about the drinks. Water is always a good option, especially if you're outdoors in warmer weather. Soda pop and juices are available in both bottles and cans, so you can stock them in the cooler for convenience. 

  For the adults who like to imbibe, cold beer and chilled wine tend to be big hits. You can even keep a few bottles of champagne and sparkling juice on hand for the toast if you choose to have one after the reveal. Serve them in a special set of glasses for the new parents for a fun keepsake.

  There's no need to go overboard and have everyone's preferred drinks on hand. A few choices are more than enough to satisfy most people.

Set up a Candy Bar

  What a cute way to put the blue and pink colors on display! A candy bar gives you a way to control the color scheme for your gender reveal party and you can order most varieties — such as M&Ms and jelly beans — in blue or pink. For those that come in wrappers, let your inner creative brain free and design wrappers that fit the theme of your big day. 

  Plus, a candy bar is a great way for people to satisfy their sweet tooth, especially kids who may be attending. You'll make it fun for them, too, while creating an eye-popping display, that you can accent with all kinds of balloons.

Have Fun With It

  The most important thing, besides putting out foods you want to eat, is to have fun with the event. At the end of the day, your guests are going to remember the fun involved with the actual gender reveal, not that you didn't have a 5-star meal waiting for them. In most cases, keeping it simple is your best bet. And if all else fails, order pizza — you can't go wrong there!

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