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Twin Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas for Twins

  Gender reveal parties are all the rage, and you can't look far on the internet without seeing someone reveal in the cutest of ways whether they're having a boy or girl. Now that it's your turn, you can't wait to host your own, but you've found that you're expecting … twins?! How do you do a gender reveal party for twins? 

  Honestly, a gender reveal party for two babies is carried out much the same way, only now, just like the supplies you'll be buying for your upcoming bundles of joy, you need double. Let's take a look at some ideas you can put to use for you.


Double The Cake

  Let's be honest, nobody is going to complain about having too much cake! If you're having identical twins, a single cake will suffice, but if your babies are fraternal, there's a good chance you'll need two. Fraternal twins can definitely be the same gender, but many times they're opposite too, and having two cakes lets you celebrate each one. 

There are two ways to have the cakes prepared, either with the frosting a blue or pink color between the layers, or the actual cake itself. If you want to have the batter colored, a neutral or light flavored cake is best as it colors better. If you're craving chocolate or red velvet, you'll definitely want to color the frosting. 

Another idea, if you're looking to get away from a standard cake, is to use cake pops. Color the outside in blue, pink, green and yellow, and have the cake sponge itself reveal the gender. 

Dress up the cakes with some cute centerpieces or a cute theme that you plan to use for the nursery. Need some more Gender Reveal Cake Ideas? we have you covered check out our Gender Reveal Ideas.

Even More Gender Reveal Confetti Fun

There's nothing more fun than confetti raining down over you. Now, it's twice the fun. Will it be pink, will it be blue or will it be a cascading flow of both colors surrounding you and your guests?

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons are a great idea for not just the expectant mom and dad, but also for older siblings in the family too. You can use them indoors and outdoors, and with large pieces of confetti, they're not difficult to clean up. Much better than glitter!

Twin Gender Reveal Celebration

Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons

If you're hosting a gender reveal party outdoors, you'll want to try out these Gender Reveal Powder Cannons. They're eco-friendly, so you can make a mess, and they clean up easily with water, which means no plants or grass will be harmed during your celebration. You will not want to miss this amazing cloud displayed produced by the gender reveal smoke cannons

Give one to mom and one to dad, and the best part is unless you know you're having identical twins, you know there's a possibility they'll be different colors. What better way to add to the excitement?

Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon



What's a party without a gender reveal balloon or two? With gender reveal balloons, you can label them Twin A and B, then pop them at just the right moment to reveal the genders of the two little bundles of joy. 

Gender Reveal Celebrations has black balloons that don't belie the color within, so it's really and truly a surprise when the confetti bursts through. 

Another balloon idea is to have two gender reveal boxes, one for each baby, and have the boxes open to reveal helium-filled balloons of pink or blue. As a bonus, they can double as party decorations after the reveal is complete. 

Sports Lovers Rejoice

Expectant parents who love sports can actually incorporate their favorite sport into the gender reveal. Consider two baseballs, golf balls, soccer or even basketballs to commemorate the event. Let both mom and dad take a whack, a kick or a throw to break open the ball and reveal the color powder. 

Video the Event

Regardless of what type of reveal you choose, remember to have someone standing by to video the event. This way, even when your kids are grown, you have the beautiful memories to look back on from when you didn't even know whether you were having boys, girls or one of each. 

No matter how small or large the gender reveal party, the important thing is to make it truly yours. Incorporate your loves and passions into the event, whether it's sports, baked goods or a good old-fashioned pinata whack. There are a multitude of ideas you can use to share the event, whether you're hosting a private party for a few close friends and family or broadcasting it on Instagram for all of your followers to see. Just have fun with it and then bask in the joy  — and now that you know the gender or genders, get to the shopping, 9 months goes fast!

Twin Gender Reveal

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