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Gender Reveal Ideas for Family

Gender Reveal Party Ideas for Family

  Gender reveal parties have been all the rage since they debuted several years ago, and for good reason — they're fun! It seems like every time you turn around there's a new idea, a hot new trend that's one-upping those of years past. Many of the ideas you see typically involve the partners while the family hangs around and watches. But what if you wanted to get everyone involved?

  Whether you're just including siblings or inviting the entire clan to join you in the gender reveal activities, here are a few good ideas to get your planning started. 


Decide Who's Going to Be Involved

  The first thing you have to do is decide how many participants you want at your gender reveal party. Most people involve the immediate family such as siblings and the grandparents-to-be, but since it's your party, you can involve as many as you want. 

  Knowing how many people you want to include is essential so you have enough supplies. Once you have this in mind, you can start the planning fun.  

Gender Reveal Poof Galore


  If you're looking for a burst of color, you'll find plenty of options. Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs — These colorful plumes of smoke are easy to set off. Simply lay them down on a level surface and light the fuse to see the color emerge from within. Or you can even put these in Mason Jars to display them in Gender Reveal Boxes or anywhere. They make a beautiful background for photos too, so grab the family and set that photo timer or have someone standing by to capture the moment — and the emotions!

  • Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons — If you're looking for a dazzling effect without the glitter — because let's face it, you can never get rid of it — you'll want the confetti cannons. The bonus with these, other than the giant particles raining over you and your loved ones is that the more people you have pop them, the better the display. They're easy to set off, but should only be used by older kids and adults due to the compressed air within. 

  • Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons — If you want to create a colorful reminder, have the entire family wear white T-shirts as you pop these! The powder will color the shirt, making for excellent photos. And, don't worry, the powder easily washes away and it's safe for the environment. 

  All of these are great fun and easy to clean up, some don't even need cleanup. What better way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby than with a colorful gender reveal party. 

Gender Reveal Party with Family


Let the Treats Reveal All

  You've heard of the gender reveal cake, and this is a great way to have a reveal, but only one person can cut the cake. To involve the entire family, have cupcakes or cookies made with a gender-specific color filling. Hand them out to everyone and countdown so everyone bites into the treat at the same time. 

  Set your camera up beforehand to have it record the excitement as the baby's gender is revealed. 

Pinata Party

  What's more fun than swinging a bat or stick at a pinata waiting for it to reveal the contents within? Have someone you trust fill it up with candy that's wrapped in blue or pink and give everyone a turn whacking at it. 

  If you have a particularly big family that you want to be involved, it's a good idea to set up multiple pinatas so everyone can get a turn. Kids should get their own because it's no fun if the adults break it open before the littles get a turn. 

  These can be used inside or outside, but if you use them inside, make sure there's enough room and that there are no valuables around that could be broken. Basements are a good place for this as are great rooms if it's not nice enough to be outdoors. 

Gender Reveal Sports Reveals

  Sports reveals are huge, especially for families that have a favorite sport, whether it's golf, baseball, soccer or hockey. It's a great way to get everyone involved. One fun idea for baseball lovers is to play a game of Wiffle ball in the yard. At the end of the game, toss the mom or dad-to-be a gender reveal baseball and let the chaos ensue. 

  There are many ways to throw a gender reveal party and incorporate those who mean the most to you. Let everyone know ahead of time that you're looking forward to them being a part of the adventure, and what to expect.

Easy Gender Reveal Ideas for Family

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