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Gender Reveal Party Etiquette

Gender Reveal Party Etiquette

The idea of a gender reveal first hit the scene around 2008 as a way to add even more excitement to the arrival of a new baby. Everyone gets to join in on the fun, whether the expecting couple is revealing it to hundreds of guests or just immediate family. Instead of fading out into obscurity as many trends do, today these events are more popular than ever — proving they're here to stay!

While they're exciting to research and read about, if you're planning your first one ever, it's easy to get lost in the process. Fortunately, we have the inside scoop on most of the questions you're going to encounter during the process. 

Is a Gender Reveal Party Like a Baby Shower?

Nope! It's typically a completely separate event, one that occurs around the 20th week of pregnancy when doctors are able to tell the baby's sex reliably. Sometimes it's a little sooner or later depending on how the baby cooperates.  

Unlike baby showers, gender reveal parties are simply a gathering of friends and/or family members to discover whether the new addition is a little boy or girl. The actual baby shower usually comes closer to the expectant mother's due date. 

It should also be noted that a gender reveal party is simply another celebration, not a replacement for any other event. However, many new parents are combing their baby shower with a gender reveal for one exciting action-packed day!

Are Gifts Expected or Required?

The short answer to this question is no, though some people do opt to bring gifts because they don't feel right showing up empty-handed. However, this should be at the guest's discretion, never a requirement as the time for giving gifts comes a few months down the road. Plus, without knowing the sex, gifts are limited to neutral themes. 

If you're a guest looking to bring a small gender reveal gift, consider one that's useful such as diapers, plain bodysuits or an item off the couple's registry, if they have one. Gifts for the parents are welcome options as well.

Who Should the Hosts Be?

Typically, the couple expecting hosts the celebration because it's not a gift-giving occasion and therefore you're not committing the ultimate faux-pas of having a party just to get gifts. It's perfectly okay to involve other people in the planning, but typically the expectant couple should host the gender reveal party. 

Do We Send Out Invites?

This is totally up to you, as the host. Because most gender reveal parties and celebrations are casual affairs, it's okay to send out an informal invitation. Many people use social media, such as Facebook, or a specialty site to create an event and invite guests directly. Others want to be more formal and mail out invitations, and this is perfectly acceptable. There's no wrong way to do it. 

Who Gets Invited to a Gender Reveal?

Everyone and anyone, of course! Unlike baby showers which tend to be more geared towards the female audience, gender reveals are for everyone to enjoy. Which may be why the popularity is on the rise! Who doesn't like a family and friends party?

What Are Some Popular Gender Reveal Ideas?

As their popularity soars, there's no limit to the type of gender reveal you can choose. You can keep it simple with a cake that reveals the color when you cut it open, or you can opt for a more elaborate, awe-inspiring approach. Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon— cannons are a great idea for outdoor parties. They shoot colorful streams of blue or pink confetti into the air for everyone to marvel at. Or you can opt for a Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon that fills the sky with vibrant pink or blue powder. The use of these Gender Reveal Smoke cannons has become widely popular! 
  • Sports sports lovers adore the many ways that they can incorporate hockey, baseball, football, golf, soccer or even racing into the reveal. 
  • Pinatas — get everyone involved in the reveal by letting them take a whack at a pinata stuffed with colored confetti ready to rain down on your guests. 
  • Balloons — there are multiple ways to incorporate balloons into your gender reveal. You can have colored balloons rain down on you, or pop a large balloon to reveal blue or pink powder. One of the newest and most popular ways is to use a gender reveal box.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, put your own spin on it. You can easily purchase the blue or pink powder and confetti supplies from Gender Reveal Celebrations to come up with an idea that's unique to you. 

What Types of Decorations Should We Use?

This, along with food options, is completely up to you. Some go for the minimalist approach, while others go all out and include balloons, streamers and other party supplies in both pink and blue. Basically, just do what you feel comfortable doing, just be sure to keep in mind whether you'll be inside or outside, and if you're hosting the gender reveal party at home or at a public venue. 

It's okay to do more elaborate decorations at home when you'll have time to clean up after, but keeping it simple at a public venue is best. You can find countless Gender Reveal Ideas to find what suits you!

Don't Forget the Reason You're Celebrating

As with any celebration, it's easy to go overboard. Keeping it simple makes it more enjoyable for everyone involved, and a low-key event is less stressful on the expectant parents. Don't fret about the little things, just invite your friends and family for a casual get together where you all come together to celebrate the newest member of your family.

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