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Gender Reveal Party vs Baby Shower

Gender Reveal Party vs Baby Shower

Is Your Gender Reveal Party Separate from the Baby Shower?

  Not sure whether to do one party or two separate parties when it comes to your gender reveal party and baby shower? We decided to help explain the differences and the most popular way people plan these celebrations! Gender Reveal parties are the newest and trendiest idea for expectant parents in 2018-2019. But if your more traditional and can only have one party, baby showers are the way to go. However, if you space these parties out properly we highly recommend having both! No matter how many parties you plan to throw you must know your going to have a great time with family and friends!

    Combing Gender Reveal With Baby Shower

    Gender Reveal Party or Baby Shower

      Most couples combine their Gender Reveal with their Baby Shower. Baby showers nowadays don’t have to be the same old gift opening and cake cutting. Although you can’t have a party without gifts and cake! Most baby showers are planned and executed 4-8 weeks before the baby is due. It may seem like you’ve been pregnant for a while, but it needs to be late enough to ensure a healthy pregnancy and weeks early enough so the baby doesn’t arrive before the party.

      Generally baby showers are women only, but if you were to combine with your gender reveal you can invite everyone! Traditionally games and gift giving are the main activities at the baby shower. One of the top games being played is “Guess the Baby” in which you have your guests bring in their baby photos and everyone takes time guessing who is who. Whoever guesses correctly the most wins a prize.

      Another popular game is “Don’t say Baby.” This is when you give your guest a cute baby themed necklace and inform them they cannot say the word “Baby” for the the rest of the shower. If you do, you must give your necklace away. Whoever has the most necklaces at the end wins! These are just some fun games and tricks to enjoy at your baby shower!

      Having your gender reveal at your baby shower is one of the most exciting ways expectant families are getting ready to welcome their bundle of joy! Baby showers are generally hosted by family members or friends. But if your having separate parties, the expectant parents host the Gender Reveal party. Combining your big reveal to your baby shower just adds to all the fun. Using any of our Gender Reveal products such as Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons or Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs are the perfect make way to make your reveal a lasting memory. Get those great photos and then continue the celebration.

    Two Parties Twice The Fun!

    Baby Shower or Gender Reveal

      Want to have a separate Gender Reveal? Not sure about you, but in our house we’ll take any excuse to have a party. Getting family and friends together, eating good food or spending time with people you love the most. Having a separate Gender Reveal party is usually hosted by the expecting couple in anticipation for the main event! The party is already so special, but now the main focus will be on the reveal itself. Everything from the invitations to the decorations themed with “Pink or Blue” and “Boy or Girl!”.

      If you have already had your baby shower there is not much to worry about! You already have your gifts and are getting better prepared for the baby’s arrival so all you have to be concerned about is having a great gender reveal party! Some of the popular ways people go about it is to line up some family members and have them surprise the lucky couple by shooting off gender reveal confetti cannons raining down pink or blue! Another ides to have a special moment with blue or pink smoke in the air with our Smoke Bombs. Either way, soak in every moment of all the celebrations leading up to that baby. Expanding family is so important and it must be celebrated fully with loved ones. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out and email or call us, at Gender Reveal Celebrations we love planning a party!

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