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The Right Number Of Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

At Gender Reveal Celebrations we are thrilled that our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons have become one of the best ways to reveal your little one! As soon as we introduced our Pink and Blue Confetti Cannons for Gender Reveals they were an instant hit! Of course we made sure that nobody knows the color that will shoot out unless you know the secret code and where to look! What better way to celebrate the end of your Gender Reveal Party than with a POP! We made sure to make our confetti cannons easy to use for everyone. All you need to do is point, shoot, and twist. Most importantly, we promise that you will capture some of the best pictures to share with your friends and loved ones. Their is not better way to capture the shock and celebration than with our confetti cannons.

How Many Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons Should I Buy?

  The number one question we always receive from our soon to be parents is how many gender reveal confetti cannons to order? We wanted to take a moment to help out all of our perspective buyers planning on using gender reveal confetti cannons.

After you have made the decision to include Blue or Pink Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons the next step is to figure out how you plan on using them! This will answer your question on how many gender reveal confetti cannons to buy!

  Below we will discuss the most popular ways our gender reveal confetti poppers are being used right now. More importantly, we will show you pictures from our customers! When it comes the time to buy gender reveal confetti cannons we understand pictures are often better than words! Our goal is to always provide our customers with as many ideas and celebrations as possible. No gender reveal party is the same so there's absolutely no wrong way to celebrate with our gender reveal confetti poppers. We hope you find these ideas worthy of your biggest celebration! 

The New Parents

  One of the more popular ways these gender reveal cannons are being used is with just the soon to be parents! At Gender Reveal Celebrations we offer a Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Bundles for only 19.99. This includes either our 12 inch or 18 inch confetti cannons with 2 Pink and 2 Blue Poppers. We wanted to give our soon to be new mom's the opportunity to purchase these cannons even if they didn't know the sex of their new baby. This way you can easily share this with your closest family member or friend to pick the right two on the day of the celebration. For this gender reveal the mom and dad each receive one confetti popper to stand next to each other and POP! These pictures explain it better than anyone can.....

Target Gender Reveal Cannons is  2-4 Confetti Poppers

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons For Gender Reveal


The Newest Arrival 

  So maybe this isn't your first child, but the newest edition to your growing family. Feel free to include your little ones in the gender reveal celebration. We promise you that they will love the gender reveal confetti cannons even more than you! Please make sure to use adult supervision if they are shooting off the confetti cannons with you. Make sure to have the camera ready as we guarantee you will want to share all of these photo's with anyone in your life! 

Target Gender Reveal Cannons is  4-6 Confetti Poppers

Gender Reveal Confetti Poppers

Confetti For Gender Reveal


Family Celebration 

  The best way to celebrate with gender reveal confetti cannons is with family and friends! More is better and this is absolutely the case for a gender reveal celebration. Their are a couple of great ways you can include all of your party goers for a fun reveal. The first idea is to have the new parent in front of the entire party. Make sure to have them kissing or keeping their eyes closed until the sky is filled with pink or blue confetti. You will absolutely adore the way these photos turn out for the grand reveal. Or you can create two lines and put the soon to be new parents in the middle. Each side shoots their pink or blue gender reveal cannons to create a colorful archway! When incorporating everyone together their is no wrong way to celebrate with our gender reveal poppers. Having the pleasure of celebrating with over 25,000 parents we can proudly say this is the most popular way of using gender reveal confetti cannons while producing the absolute best pictures. 

Target Gender Reveal Cannons is 8-16 Confetti Poppers

Confetti Cannons For Gender Reveal Party

Pink Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

  When choosing to celebrate your gender reveal party with confetti cannons you can't really make a wrong decision. You can, and that is not having gender reveal poppers to celebrate with! Our goal at Gender Reveal Celebrations is to continually offer our potential customers with as many ways to announce their little one! If you ever have any questions with our confetti cannons for gender reveal parties or any other reveal product do not hesitate to reach out!


Congratulations on your newest family member!

  With Love,



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