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Gender Reveals with Paint

Gender Reveals with Paint


  When thinking about fun ways to do a gender reveal, we find that painting can be a great choice. We can have paint parties; we can use paint to write creative messages for the new parents; we can use spray paint to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes; or we can incorporate paint into our party games. Paint is always a fun addition and is sure to be a hit with anyone aged 1–99. We might even use a baby handprint or footprint kit to capture a new child's first steps. There are really no limits on how we can use paint at our gender reveal celebration. So let us go out and paint.

Paint Parties for Gender Reveal

  We have all seen paint parties where someone leads the guests in creating a painting. We can have our gender reveal celebration at a paint party where painting is one of the fun activities we have on hand. On the other hand, we can choose to use the painting itself as the gender reveal by having guests make their painting but leaving a small area uncolored. Then, when it is time to do the gender reveal, everyone can be handed a small container that either includes pink or blue paint in order to finish off their painting.

  Such paint parties can be adapted to whatever the parents are passionate about. Paintings can be made of anything, from landscapes to modern art pieces. Gender reveal paint parties are a good idea because it is always nice to have an activity that everyone can get involved with by using their creativity and expressing their joy for the new couple. It is also always nice to be able to take home a keepsake of the happy gender reveal party. And paint parties are fantastic because everyone can create something beautiful regardless of previous painting experience. There are no shortages of truly great gender reveal ideas involving paint.

Gender Reveal: Paint Messages

  One fun way to use paint in a gender reveal party is to write gender reveal messages. We can have guests at the gender reveal go into a room the parents are not allowed in and use their handprints to fill a banner with blue or pink paint. The paint can be used to fill in the background of banners or can be used to write the words such as "It’s a Boy" or "It’s a Girl" In either case, paint creates a great background for the rest of the gender reveal celebration.

  We can also give older siblings the opportunity to create painted works of art that can be later used in their new sibling's rooms. This is a good way to make sure that older siblings feel included since having a new brother or sister can be stressful for them. The more older siblings feel included in all stages of having a new baby in the house, the more they will be excited and step up to help once the baby arrives. Having them create their own works of art using paint is a great way to incorporate them into the celebration.

Spray Painting Gender Reveal

  There are many ways we can use spray paint at a gender reveal. We can use such paint to create a graffiti-style art piece for the couple's backyard. We can use spray paint to color small dollar store items such as plastic vases to create something that guests will be able to enjoy forever. Spray paint is also a great tool if we want to quickly and affordably color a whole host of party items to be used during our gender reveal. We can even use spray paint to create backgrounds for photo booths, creating a wonderful way that all our guests can take home wonderful memories.

  We can also use spray paint to color items that the couple will be able to use in their nursery, such as a changing table or storage box. We can also use spray paint to create a creative lamp base or baby mobile that can help light the room. There are so many items that we can spray paint in order to help new parents have the nursery of their dreams.

Paint Games for Gender Reveal

  We can also use paint in a variety of games. We might decide to throw a gender reveal paintball game. Or have guests throw gender reveal darts at balloons filled with paint. Or if we know that the couple is OK with getting messy, we can throw a bucket of paint over their heads. There are many ways we can incorporate paint into the games we have at our gender reveal celebration and have a wonderful time.

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