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Best Balloons For A Gender Reveal Party

Best Balloons For A Gender Reveal Party


  When planning a gender reveal party, balloons are always a wonderful choice. Something about balloons makes us grin every time we see them. We may pick from a variety of balloons for our gender reveal event. These may include royal blue or dashing pink balloons, balloon garlands, blue or pink LED balloons, or even balloons that indicate the gender when popped. Balloons complement every occasion and are sure to make a gender announcement feel festive. There are no wrong ways to incorporate balloons into a gender reveal celebration. 

Oh Baby or Boy & Girl Balloons

  There are several styles of letter balloons that we can choose from for our gender reveal. We might use balloons to spell out messages such as “Oh Baby” or “Boy or Girl”. Such balloons are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 16 inches to 40 inches, as well as print and cursive styles. Gold, silver, or rose gold balloons can be used for a baby shower or gender reveal. Alternatively, we may choose foil balloons with the phrase 'Oh Baby'. Oh Baby balloons can be placed as centerpieces as well as adding entertaining picture props for our guests. Letter balloons are an excellent choice if we want to get lots of people involved in the gender reveal. We can have each person hold a letter spelling out our reveal. 

“Pop to See” Balloons

  We can choose “pop to see” balloons if we want to add some interactive fun to our gender reveal. These gender reveal balloons are filled with pink or blue confetti. Gender-revealing black balloons obscure the color of the confetti within. As the Gender Reveal Balloon pops, it showers the parents with confetti, creating a memorable event for everyone. We can also have individuals use darts to pop the balloons to release the confetti. Other times we will choose a gender reveal balloon kit that includes a large balloon dropper as well as Pink and Blue Balloons

Light Up LED Balloons

  We might also choose to use pink or blue LED balloons. All we have to do is click the button at the bottom of the balloon to start the reveal. When we click on LED balloons, they can flash rapidly, slowly, or continuously. It is suggested that we utilize 10-20 blue or pink LED balloons to cover the entire room. There is no better method to light up the space if we intend to have the surprise couple stroll in. This is an especially effective choice if we are having our gender reveal at night or inside where we can lower the lights before the big moment.

Gender Reveal Balloon Garlands

  When hosting a gender reveal we might choose to decorate with a gender reveal balloon garland. Gender Reveal Party Balloons are composed of high-quality natural latex and are therefore eco-friendly. This prevents our balloons from accidentally popping and makes them non-toxic and safe to use at the same time. We can simply inflate the Gender Reveal Balloons and slip knot them into the holes on the decorative strip. It's really great when we use different colors and blow them up in different proportions to make a one-of-a-kind and breathtaking Gender Reveal Garland display.

Balloons For A Gender Reveal Box Surprise

  We can fill a gender reveal box with either pink or blue balloons. Open the box and release the balloons when the expecting parents are ready. When they open the Gender Reveal Box, they will notice "Congratulations" printed on the inside for ideal photo placement. There is something special about having a large number of colored balloons pop out of a box that is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. In addition, baby shower letter boxes are very popular. Each translucent Baby Shower Box is large enough to hold Gender Reveal Balloons, Flowers, or Themed Decorations. Check out all of our gender reveal box ideas to help plan your big reveal.

Gender Reveal Balloons For Darts

  Gender reveal darts are a fun way to reveal the gender of a child. The darts are used to pop balloons filled with either pink or blue powder. These are an excellent way to take fun photos during the reveal capturing a wave of color falling from the sky. We can easily fill the Gender Reveal Balloon with the provided gender reveal powder and hang the balloon high. Nothing better than a colorful explosion that will shock and awe them. Allow the baby's parents to take turns trying to pop the balloon! We will need to prepare our cameras because no one will want to miss the pink or blue powder explosion when the couple hits the balloon with their darts.

  There are no shortages of gender reveal party decorations when you incorporate balloons. Make sure you check out our gender reveal ideas when planning your big day and always feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 


Best Gender Reveal Balloons


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