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Harry Potter Gender Reveal

Harry Potter Gender Reveal Potion

Harry Potter Gender Reveal Ideas

  Are you and your significant other major Potterheads? If so, you should consider creating a magical gender reveal experience by hosting a Harry Potter-themed party. Check out these ideas to create an experience that will have your guests boarding the Hogwarts Express, ready and excited to arrive at your gender reveal celebration!

Gender Reveal Party Harry Potter

Planning Your Harry Potter Gender Reveal

  There are several ways you can plan to reveal the sex of your baby in a Harry Potter-themed way. Consider:

  • Placing a gender reveal smoke bomb inside a plastic witch’s cauldron prop or a pumpkin. Consider this your Harry Potter Gender Reveal Potion!
  • Using a blue or pink powder cannon to create a magical smokescreen for your reveal. You could even whip a magic wand around in the air before activating the cannon to make the moment more magical.
  • Purchasing blue or pink gender reveal powder and throwing it into the air as you complete a “magic trick” —  say something like “totalus revealus” as you release the powder to keep with the Harry Potter theme.

  You can also use gender reveal balloons during your big moment. Simply place the balloons in a sealed box so they rise into the air once the box is opened. On the front of the box tape a sign that says, “Only the sorting hat can see if we’re having a witch or wizard. What will it be?” Then, place a sorting hat prop on top of the box.

Harry Potter Gender Reveal

Let Guests Cast Their Votes in the Goblet of Fire

  When you’re throwing a Harry Potter-themed gender reveal party, you need to choose all of your decorations and party supplies with your theme in mind. So instead of allowing guests to cast their vote on a chalkboard or by wearing a pink or blue clothespin, let guests cast their vote in the Goblet of Fire! This will make it a Harry Potter Gender Reveal to remember!

  To make your own Goblet of Fire, purchase a plastic witch’s cauldron. Then, cut “flames” out of orange and yellow card-stock. Adhere the card-stock to the top, inside of the plastic caldron so it appears like fire is rising out of it. 

Harry Potter Gender Reveal Invitations

  Your invitations set the scene for your entire gender reveal party, so it’s important to make sure they are Harry Potter themed. Consider creating your own miniature versions of the Daily Prophet to provide guests with all of the party details. Alternatively, design gender reveal invites that start by saying something like, “A Little Muggle is On Its Way” before giving the details of the party. You can decorate these invites with images of Harry Potter glasses, lightning bolts, or even a golden snitch.

Encourage Guests to Come Dressed in House Colors

  Children who attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are sorted into one of four houses — Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw — so why not ask your guests to arrive at your party repping the house they love the most? It’ll be a fun touch and can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.

  If you want your party guests to embrace the Harry Potter gender reveal theme completely, ask them to come in costume. Guests can dress up as a witch or wizard from the house they choose. Alternatively, you can keep things simple by asking guests to dress in colors that represent their favorite house — red for Gryffindor, blue for Ravenclaw, yellow for Hufflepuff, and green for Slytherin. 

Put the Finishing Touches on Your Harry Potter Gender Reveal

  Themed parties aren’t complete without plenty of theme-related decorations. If you choose to decorate using streamers or colored balloons, choose the colors that represent your favorite house. For example, if you identify as a Gryffindor, you would decorate the party area in red and yellow, but you’d use green and silver if you prefer to be known as a Slytherin.

  You can spend a lot of money purchasing Harry Potter relics for your home, but you can also decorate using items you might already have. Consider:

  • Setting stacks of books around the party area
  • Hanging pillar candles from the ceiling
  • Placing glass “potion bottles” throughout the party area
  • Bringing an old trunk or two into the space
  • Using tan card-stock to make your own Marauder's Map
  • Using red, blue, green, and yellow scarves as table runners

  Stuffed owl toys, mismatched socks, brooms, and birdcages are also all good Harry Potter-related props you can use.

  Ultimately, hosting a Harry Potter gender reveal party simply means choosing decorations, food, and games that match your theme. You can choose to create an entire Hogwarts experience for your guests or keep things simple by adding a limited array of Harry Potter related decorations.

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