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How To Avoid Having A Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

How To Avoid Having A Gender Reveal Gone Wrong


  We hope that each time we choose to host a gender reveal, it will be a joyful occasion. While most gender reveal parties go off without a hitch, it is important to prepare properly to ensure that nothing goes wrong on our big day. On the other hand, it is important for us to understand that even though we need to plan this does not mean that we must stress about doing so. We can easily prevent many of the possible mix-ups we might experience and guarantee that everyone will have a great time at the event. Many of the ways we can avoid these mix-ups are common sense.


Avoid Miscommunication


  When we decide to have a gender reveal it is important to determine the date and time of our event in advance and make sure we are communicating that to our guests. We do not want to show up all excited for our reveal only to find out we forgot to tell someone we really wanted there or to find out everyone thought it was happening on a different weekend at a different time. We also don’t want to find that items were not ordered ahead of time because the keeper of the gender did not know that was their job. While good communication may seem like a simple thing without it, any gender reveal party will go wrong very quickly. 


Avoid Color Mix Ups


  When having a gender reveal it is important that the correctly colored products are purchased. This is often the job of the keeper of the gender who should make sure they pay attention when ordering. No one wants to find they checked the wrong gender when ordering and now are stuck with products that do not match the gender of the person being celebrated. This is also why it is important to choose high quality products so there is no questioning what color was revealed. We do not want guests to have to wonder if it is a more pinkish color or a more blueish color.


Avoid Low Quality & Knock-off Reveal Items


  When ordering gender reveal items it is important that we order from a reputable company. While almost anyone can say they sell gender reveal items we want to make sure there are no typos or misprints on written items. We also want to make sure if we are using more elaborate gender reveal smoke bombs or gender reveal confetti cannons, they will work in their intended manner. No one wants to use a product that explodes at the wrong time, causes anybody injury, or ends up causing a fire. We are throwing a gender reveal to celebrate our soon-to-be child. Why would we not pull out all the stops and make sure we only use high quality items?


Avoid Shipping Issues


  It is important that we make sure that our gender reveal items will arrive before the celebration. No one wants items to arrive days or weeks late because there was a shipping delay. The best way to avoid shipping issues is to read up on expected shipping times, read if there have been any shortages recently, and make sure we give ourselves a buffer of time so even if the items take a bit longer to arrive it won’t be a major issue. It is important to make sure we can receive our items before the gender reveal party.


Always Follow The Directions


  When we buy high-quality gender reveal products it is important that we read and follow any directions that come with the products. This is especially true when it comes to items such as smoke bombs, confetti cannons, or gender reveal powder kit. While these are wonderful products it's important, we follow the directions to keep everyone at our event safe. We all want our gender reveal to be a celebration and party. No one wants to end up on the news for a gender reveal celebration that goes wrong. 


  To have the best gender reveal celebration possible it is important to make sure we avoid common issues. While this might look like something we would have to stress about in truth, a little planning is all we need to do. This planning simply looks like communicating well, avoiding color mix-ups, buying high quality items, avoiding shipping issues, and making sure we always follow the instructions given on gender reveal items. There is no reason to cut corners or choose poorly made items when we are celebrating the newest addition to our family.

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