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Gender Reveals: Keeping Dad Involved

Gender Reveals: Keeping Dad Involved

Planning Your Gender Reveal For Dad

  When you think of gender reveal and gender reveal parties, it's only natural to center on the expectant mom because she's the one carrying the baby. With all of the attention going to her, though, it's not unusual for dad to feel left out. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way! 

  While initially, the market was saturated with the same standard smoke bombs and colored balloon ideas, it's grown by leaps and bounds as the idea of a gender reveal party took off. Now, there are several innovative ideas and products on the market to match these ideas, that not only include dad but actually make him the center of attention. 

Cater to the Sports Lover

  Many guys love sports and can't wait to raise their child to support and root for the same teams they do. For this reason, there are several different types of gender reveal smoke bombs for him. You can find baseballs, hockey pucks and even gender reveal soccer balls that explode in a plume of color. Plus, it's fun to gather your friends and family around for an impromptu game that results in a hearty round of cheers and applause as the blue or pink hue erupts. Make sure to check out all of our Sports Gender Reveal product items.

Color Smoke Tires

There's Even Something for Car Lovers

  Is dad a car lover? Maybe he has auto magazines all over or perhaps he works on restoring vehicles in his spare time. If this sounds like the expectant dad, colored smoke tires are the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming bundle of joy. They're actually a secretive black bag full of the colored smoke that attaches to the tire and is released as the user drives. Though it definitely makes an impact, there's no chance of damage to the car or tires from the smoke alone, and the colored powder washes clean off with simple water. 

Colored Smoke Tires

  If dad is a bike lover, the tires work exactly the same. So don't shy away from this method — you'll even get to enjoy the great sound of a motorcycle in the meantime. Consider this the ultimate Gender Reveal announcement for your party!

Celebrate the Beer Drinkers

  Dads who like to settle down at the end of the day with a beer or two will appreciate this one. Imagine at the gender reveal, a fancy tap setup filled with blue or pink water just waiting for you to pull the lever. Place a glass under the tap and see whether blue or pink comes out to deliver the news. Of course — you should have the real stuff on hand for afterward so the dad and guests can toast to the joyous celebration. 

Calling All Adventurists

  If the expectant dad is a lover of all things adventure and adrenaline, you can even have a skydiving reveal. There have been stories of dad jumping out of a plane with a smoke canister attached to the parachute. When it deploys, so does the smoke revealing with a big puff of color to the spectators below. 

  It's important to note that when doing this, you don't mess with the parachute yourself, but rather have a professional do it. There are specialty companies that do gender reveal skydiving ventures, so see if there's one in your area if it sounds like something dad would be interested in. 

Gender Reveal Ideas

Make a Game of It

  While balloons may be so last year, they actually have more than just your traditional "pop out of the box" uses. For example, create a carnival setup that has multiple games for guests to play and one special one for dad. Line up balloons on a cork board and fill only one with the color. Dad has to get lucky and find the balloon that reveals the baby's gender. Since men like to have fun at carnivals and prove their strengths at the games, this is just another way to support his fun side. Consider out Gender Reveal Darts that we have on sale. 

Creating Your Own Ideas

  One of the best ways to keep dad involved is to let him in on the party planning. Discuss what he'd like to see, and even if there's no product on the market yet, you can always create your own or find a specialty provider who can take your idea and bring it to life. 

  There are so many avenues to explore that not only include dad but make him the focus. Since most of the attention is on the mom, this can be a nice change of pace. Ultimately, gender reveal ideas are designed to represent mutual interests, but there's no harm in letting dad have his day.

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