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Top Ten Ways To Celebrate At Your Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party Products

The Best 10 Ways to Celebrate A Gender Reveal

  When it comes to gender reveal parties, the more unique the reveal idea, the better. But, you always want to incorporate some kind of fun element that represents the couple and their interests whether they're car or bike enthusiasts or sports fanatics. The good news is there are plenty of options available. For your gender reveal party, consider one of these fun methods to get everyone involved! 


Gender Reveal Darts


  Avid game players will enjoy this one. Imagine playing a friendly game of darts, then bringing out the big surprise at the end. This makes a great addition to a carnival or circus-themed party. Set up a series of games, saving this one for last. Mom and dad can take turns tossing the darts, with a big powdery explosion of blue or pink when they hit the target. Gender reveal darts come with everything you need to make that impact. The balloon is non-transparent so you can't see the contents. Have someone who's trusted to keep the secret fill it up with the colored powder prior to the party. This is a wonderful way to capture a moment of suspense and fun at your gender reveal. 

Gender Reveal Tires


Gender Reveal Colored Smoke Tires


  If the mom or dad-to-be are car or motorcycle enthusiasts, there's no better way to reveal the gender of the upcoming bundle of joy than with gender reveal colored tires. Once the packets are secured to the tire, they can ride off into the sunset with a plume of blue or pink smoke behind them. If the expectant parents want to see the smoke, they can have someone else drive the car away. The powder will not affect the car or motorcycle in any way, it rinses off with water and does not damage the paint. 


Gender Reveal Powder Cannons


  If you're looking for a way to get everyone involved, consider gender reveal powder cannons. You can buy two for the expectant parents or purchase them in bulk for family members and friends to join in on the fun. These are great for backyards and pavillions alike. No cleanup is necessary, either, because the rice powder is water soluble. Make it even more fun and have everyone wear white t-shirts to catch the explosion. Take a picture afterward and capture the happy moment on film. 

Powder Cannons For Gender Reveal


Gender Reveal Soccer Balls


  Sports enthusiasts will find plenty of options, including gender reveal soccer balls, which explode when kicked. Make it a fun game of real soccer in the backyard, and when everyone's tired out from running around, bring out the real goal-scorer and find out whether the expectant bundle will be wearing pink or blue. It doesn't take much strength to burst one of these balls and they're filled with enough powder to make a really big cloud. 


Gender Reveal Boy or Girl Balloons


  Nothing makes a statement like gender reveal boy or girl balloons that you can display around the house or venue for the upcoming reveal. They are not for helium, they're simply blown up using a straw and hung up or stuck to the wall. You can even buy these as decorations for the party, creating a side for each gender where party goers sign up and guess whether the bundle is a girl or boy. They make fantastic photo props as well as they're very colorful and you can even reuse them, making them a great idea for baby showers or sprinkles. Store them flat for the next expectant bundle in the family. 

Boy Gender Reveal Balloon


Gender Reveal Powder Bags for Tossing


  Gender reveal powder bags are guaranteed to make an impression. You can find them in blue and pink, and simply toss them to reveal the color. If you want to make it more interesting, play a game of cornhole and have mom and dad toss the colored ones while loved ones watch or record. Then post it on social media with the expectant parents' reactions!


Gender Reveal Balloons


  Balloons are some of the most popular gender reveal ideas, and these give you a little twist on the game. Rather than pink or blue, these gender reveal balloons are black and non-transparent, so you can't tell the color of the confetti inside. You can hang one up or simply place it out of sight until you're ready for the grand reveal. They come uninflated, with an abundant amount of confetti to make the event truly glamorous. Blow one or two up, toss it in the air and pop it as it's coming down for a truly spectacular event that's worthy of posting on your favorite social media site. 

 Balloon Gender Reveal


Gender Reveal Baseballs


  If you love baseball — whether watching or playing — these will be a real home run! Have the expectant mom toss the gender reveal baseball to dad or vice versa. When the bat impacts the ball, it'll explode, revealing the baby's gender to everyone in the bleachers. Have someone record the event and post pictures for everyone to see. They perfectly complement a baseball-themed party and aren't gender specific. You can buy one to reveal a boy or girl, making them double the fun. 


Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons


  If you're looking for a fun event, you can't go wrong with a gender reveal confetti cannon. These cannons pop, causing a massive confetti explosion. They're recommended for outside use, because there will be a lot of pink or blue particles to pick up, plus they shoot 15 feet in the air, so you can expect a mess (the good kind!). It's best to buy two so mom and dad-to-be can join in on the fun, and if there are siblings get one for them too! Have family and friends standing around and a designated picture taker to capture the moment — and excitement — on camera. 

 Confetti Cannon for Gender Reveal Party


Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs


  Gender reveal smoke bombs are just the original type of fun, and for good reason! They're easy to use and come in sets of four, so you can spread them out in the yard. Simply light the wick and watch the smoke come out for the big reveal. Since they go off for approximately 60 to 75 seconds, you'll have plenty of time to bask in the joy of learning what your baby will be. It also makes for a good video or photo background prop. 

Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb


  No matter which option you choose, one thing's for sure — you're going to have a great time learning what your expectant bundle is. Whether you're surrounded by friends and family or doing it as a private couple's event, you'll make memories to last a lifetime.

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