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Revealing Gender to Grandparents

Revealing Gender to Grandparents


  When we are planning a gender reveal, we want to make sure to include grandparents in the celebration. It can sometimes be challenging to know who is really more excited about the new child: the parents or the grandparents. There are numerous ways we can get the grandparents in on the gender reveal celebration and make sure that everyone can have a wonderful time. We can have a gender reveal fancy tea party, we can use gender reveal confetti cannons or balloons, or we can consider gender reveal items we can send to grandparents if they are unable to be at our celebration in person.

Hosting A Fancy Gender Reveal Tea Party

  Sometimes, grandparents appreciate a bit of elegance while celebrating. We can invite grandparents to a fancy tea party where everyone dresses up in their Sunday best. We have access to a large selection of party supplies to help create the best fancy party possible. We might choose pink or blue straws, cups, plates, and napkins. Additionally, we can pick from a variety of gender reveal banners, cake toppers, and mom to be sash. Whatever gender reveal party supplies we decide on, they all brighten and make our celebration more adorable. Party items are a quick and easy way to make any indoor celebration festive and fun. In addition, using disposable party items helps make cleaning as easy as can be.

Using Confetti Cannons for Gender Reveals

  Using confetti cannons to share the good news with grandparents is a great idea. No matter where the grandparents are positioned, they will be able to witness the gender reveal of their new grandchild because these cannons fire high into the air. These cannons fire blue or pink confetti, depending on whether the child will be a boy or a girl. Gender reveal confetti cannons are also easy to twist, so grandparents can get in on the action and be the ones to set the confetti cannons off. There is something magical about using confetti as part of our gender reveal.

Using Gender Reveal Balloons

  Balloons are a great addition to any celebration, including a gender reveal. There are a number of ways that gender reveal balloons can be used with grandparents. We can turn off the lights and then turn on blue or pink LED balloons, filling the room with light. Or we use "He or She? Pop to See" balloons and have grandparents pop them and fill the air with pink or blue confetti. We can also use a gender reveal balloon garland or use balloons that spell out a message, such as "It’s a boy" or "It’s a girl." Balloons are a wonderful way to celebrate with grandparents.

Using Food To Reveal Gender

  We can also choose gender reveal foods that are as sweet as any new grandchild will be. Thanks to food coloring, it's easy to make our own gender reveal cakes, and with enough icing, we can conceal the gender until it's time to give a slice. Think about decorating cookies with pink or blue icing; making pink or blue cupcakes or cake pops; purchasing pink or blue ice cream. These are all approaches to sharing a gender reveal with sweet-toothed grandparents.

  On the other hand, we might choose to make savory dishes such as dying rolls or inserting a football or tiera into a dish and having the grandparents discover the gender when they find the toy. We can also do a gender reveal based on flavors, such as having a broccoli quiche if it is a boy and a gouda or gruyere quiche if it is going to be a girl. Gender reveal ideas are endless when it comes to food and desserts!

Gender Reveal Baby Booties

  We might choose to do our gender reveal by sending grandparents color-coded baby booties. As grandparents unwrap the booties, they can see what grandchild is on the way. While we might think of booties as a gift to give the parents, giving the grandparents a set is a great option if the grandparents are likely to be helping us babysit. Grandparents love getting little keepsakes in honor of their new grandchild.

Personal Mementoes

  For those of us who want to keep the gender a secret from others until the baby arrives, baby footprint and handprint kits are wonderful options for grandparents. All grandparents will be overjoyed to have a permanent reminder of their grandchild's first moments. If we are looking for a special item that we will give grandparents that will allow for a permanent reminder of how little their grandchild really was at birth, footprint and handprint kits are great options to choose.

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