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Revealing Gender to Husbands

Revealing Gender to Husbands


  When we think of gender reveals, we might think about large celebrations filled with all our friends and family. While gender reveal parties are always a fun time, sometimes we want to reveal the gender to the father before we announce it to the wider world. It can be nice to be able to capture the overflowing excitement that the father is experiencing in pictures or in a video. It does not matter if the father is an avid sports fan, has a sweet tooth, loves balloons or confetti, or is always listening to music; there is a great way to personalize the gender reveal to their passions and loves.

Gender Revealed Through Sports Balls

  Many husbands are avid sports fans, so using a gender reveal sports ball is sure to bring a smile to their face. Gender reveal baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, and golf balls are all available for us to reveal the gender to the father. We can also use gender reveal burnouts for the husband who loves auto racing or is a vehicle aficionado. Whatever sport the father enjoys, there is a gender-revealing sporting item that is ideal for them. These products are sure to be a touchdown, a slam dunk, or a hole in one!

Using Balloon Pops for Gender Reveal

  Another fun way to reveal the gender to the father is to create a gender reveal balloon pop. We can use gender reveal confetti balloons and have the father pop them using a dart. They will discover the gender by seeing whether blue or pink confetti falls from the sky. This is a fun, interactive way to reveal the baby's gender to the  father. This is also a good choice if the father is a bit competitive, because the mother and father can compete to see who can pop the gender balloon the fastest. Make sure to check out all of our gender reveal party balloons!

Using Gender Reveal Piñatas

  A piñata is also a fun way to reveal the gender to the father. Many husbands will get a real kick from a gender reveal piñata. In addition to gender reveal confetti or gender reveal powder, we can fill a piñata with an assortment of gender reveal items, including blue or pink candy. There is something about using a piñata that is sure to bring out the little kid inside the father.

Gender Reveal Baby Outfits

  We can reveal the gender to the father by giving him a baby onesie to unwrap that either says "Daddy’s Little Girl" or "Daddy’s Little Boy." We can also include the father's favorite TV shows and movies and have a shirt for the new baby that says "My Princess Leia" or "My Luke Skywalker." We can also include a funny message such as "Finally Not The Only Boy" or "Still Outnumbered By Girls." These types of baby outfits are sure to make the father beam from ear to ear.

Gender Reveal Playlists

  If the father is a music aficionado, we might choose to use a playlist to reveal the gender. We can even surprise him by asking him to listen to this cool new playlist we have made while he waits for us to get a gender reveal surprise ready. Then, leave the room, and see how long it takes for him to realize the surprise has already started. For a boy, we might include songs such as "Let’s Hear it for the Boy," "It’s Raining Men," "If I Were a Boy," "The Boys Are Back in Town," or "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." For a girl, we could consider "Uptown Girl," "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," "My Girl," "Isn't She Lovely," or "All-American Girl."

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons 

  A sudden confetti explosion is the epitome of surprise (or celebration). We can surprise the expectant father with the gender reveal by using gender reveal confetti cannons. If the father is a jokester or comic, confetti cannons might be the perfect touch. We can catch him when he least expects it, like when he comes home from work or when he gets out of the shower. His surprise will be quickly followed by overwhelming joy. Or you can even choose gender reveal powder cannons for a no mess cleanup! Shoot blue or pink powder bombs high into the air for the perfect reveal.

Gender Reveal: Sweet Treats

  Making our own gender reveal cake is simple thanks to food coloring, and with enough frosting, we can hide the gender until we are ready to serve a slice. Consider creating pink or blue cupcakes or cake pops, frosting pink or blue cookies, buying pink or blue ice cream, or hiding our gender reveal dessert until after dinner if we can. These are all ways to share a gender reveal with a father with a sweet tooth.

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