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Surprise Gender Reveals

Surprise Gender Reveals


  Being pregnant is both a thrilling and surreal experience. Shock, delight, fear, excitement, worry, and everything in between greet us. This means that when we are planning our gender reveal we might want to use something that will bring this shock and delight to all of our guests. There are many different ways we can have a surprise gender announcement that is sure to shock everyone who is attending. When we are planning a surprise gender reveal it really all comes down to what items we use for the reveal and how we choose to stage the reveal. 

Staging A Surprise Gender Reveal

  There are many ways we can stage a surprise gender reveal party. We can have parents close their eyes or wear a blindfold until the big reveal. We might also choose to have parents kiss right before the big reveal. We might set up a room with decorations and walk the parents in while the guests shout surprise. We might create a dark area and then reveal the secret with lights or light-up gender reveal balloons. There is no wrong way to do a surprise gender reveal so we should be as creative as we can be.

Pop Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

  Gender reveal confetti cannons are a wonderful way to create a big impression. These confetti cannons shoot blue or pink confetti up to 15 feet in the air. This makes them suitable for large outdoor celebrations with a large number of family and friends. There is no need for a time-consuming clean-up because these cannons use biodegradable confetti; merely wait for the next rain shower. Everyone who attends will be able to enjoy a confetti cannon. Also, these pink of blue confetti cannons are really simple to use. All that is needed is for someone to point them upward and twist the bottom part. They are so simple to twist with one hand. So let it rain down in blue or pink confetti cannons and create the perfect surprise reveal for the soon to be parents. 

A Gender Reveal Box Surprise

  Pink or blue balloons can be used to fill a gender reveal box. When the expecting parents are ready, open the box and let the balloons go. As they open the Gender Reveal Box, they'll see "Congratulations" written on the inside for ideal photo placement. There's something wonderful about having a huge number of colored pink balloons explode out of a box that will make everyone grin. Moreover, baby shower letter boxes are really popular. Each transparent Baby Shower Box holds Gender Reveal Balloons, flowers, or themed party decorations.

Smash A Gender Reveal Piñata 

  A piñata is another entertaining way to find out the gender. A gender reveal piñata is sure to delight everyone. In addition to gender reveal confetti or powder, we may fill a piñata with a variety of gender reveal goods, such as blue or pink chocolates. Taking turns at hitting a Piñata is always fun and an excellent way to shock everyone when the Piñata finally breaks. There's something about using a piñata that brings out the child in all of us.

Color The Sky With Powder Cannons

  Gender reveal powder cannons are made of compressed air and packed with brightly colored pink or blue powder, making them easy to use and eco-friendly. These cannons produce beautiful clouds, perfect for photography. These are an excellent way to get friends and family excited about a baby's birth. Another advantage of gender reveal powder cannons is that the powder is water-soluble, so no cleanup is required, and the party can continue for an indefinite period of time. If you are unsure if you need pink or blue we offer a gender reveal powder kit which includes two of each color at a discounted price. 

Create A Could of Pink or Blue Smoke

  Gender reveal smoke bombs burn pink or blue for 60-75 seconds, allowing us plenty of time to get some amazing images. To use a gender reveal smoke bomb, ignite the wick at the bottom gently with a grill lighter and start a 10-second countdown. After 10 seconds, the color will begin to stream out. While using blue or pink smoke bombs, it is crucial to follow all safety recommendations so that everyone has wonderful memories to take home. These smoke bombs are especially useful if some of the guests are virtual, as there will be no doubt about what gender is being shared.

A Gender Reveal Sports Ball Surprise

  Many parents are sports fanatics, so employing a gender-revealing sports ball is guaranteed to make them happy. Baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, and golf balls can all be used to disclose the gender. There is something bold about having a ball kicked or hit to determine the gender. We may also employ gender reveal burnouts for someone who enjoys auto racing or is a car enthusiast. Whichever sport the parents like, there is a gender-revealing sporting item for them. These items will undoubtedly result in a touchdown, a slam dunk, or a hole in one. Check out all of our gender reveal sports items for the biggest reveal of your life. 

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