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The Best Way To Use Confetti Cannons At Gender Reveals

The Best Way To Use Confetti Cannons At Gender Reveals


  In addition to standard party goods like balloons and decorations, many couples are opting for gender reveal confetti cannons. Confetti cannons are one of the most exciting ways to announce a child's gender. Gender reveal confetti cannons shoot over fifteen feet into the air, filling the air with metallic blue or pink confetti and tissue paper. These cannons spray blue confetti for it's a boy and pink confetti for it's a girl to indicate the gender of the couple's soon-to-be child. 

  Gender reveal confetti cannons are an excellent method to signal the baby's gender to the rest of the world. In addition confetti cannons are ideal for capturing images that will last a lifetime. When it comes to using gender reveal confetti cannons we will want to know how to deploy them most effectively for a show-stopper. This means understanding how to use gender reveal confetti cannons and thinking creatively about when during our celebration we want to utilize them.

How To Use Confetti Cannons

  Confetti cannons are activated by simply twisting the bottom section. These cannons may be handled in one hand and aimed at the sky. While these devices are simple enough to operate that older siblings may want to try them, adult supervision is required. To keep everyone safe, the main safety issue is that the canons are not pointed directly at people.

  Gender reveal confetti cannons may be used both indoors and outdoors, and are most effective when fired directly above loved ones' heads. Confetti poppers also make it simple to capture images that will wow others. Furthermore, these cannons may be arranged to be mailed directly to family members who are unable to attend, allowing them to participate in the gender reveal with everyone present.

Amazing Confetti Cannon Ideas

Go Simple But Spectacularly

  One method we can use is to have just the soon-to-be parents stand in their front yard and fire confetti cannons. This is one of the simplest ways to use them but that does not mean we can’t create something spectacular at the same time. This is a very effective method if the couple is doing a photoshoot. This lets them share their news with people who will not be able to attend in person. With a photographer present the couple will be able to capture the magic of their reveal. Regardless of their distance from each other, they will still have the opportunity to share their news with all of their loved ones.

Creating Walkways of Confetti

  Another gender reveal idea is to have predetermined family members or the keeper of the gender take photos as the couple walks through a doorway or archway. This is a fun way for the couple to really get into the spirit of the gender reveal. This is also a suitable choice if the couple already has children because they can run through the arch with the couple. The reveal of an upcoming sister or brother should always be planned with older children involved. 

Gender Keepers (Or The Keeper Of The Confetti Cannon)

  We can have our keeper of the gender shoot the cannon over the heads of the happy couple and have the confetti fall over them. This is an excellent way for a couple to honor someone special in their lives. Moreover, this is a very effective way to surprise both mother and father about the child's gender. The gender keeper would determine the gender and then order either pink or blue confetti cannons to be used during the gender reveal. 

Getting The Whole Family Involved

  We can also always choose to get the whole family in on the fun and have everyone shoot off gender reveal confetti cannons at the same time. This is an ideal option if we have grandparents who want to get in on the action because confetti cannons are easy to twist. Letting everyone in our family set off confetti cannons at the same time is sure to make our gender reveal celebration stand out in everybody's minds. 

How To Clean Up After Using Confetti Cannons

  Gender reveal cannons are packed with biodegradable confetti, which dissolves after 3-4 days of rain. While it is still preferable to pick up as much confetti as possible because it is degradable, it may be swept up and composted. This is useful since we don't want to overload a couple's to-do list. Because the confetti is biodegradable, the couple may soon return to all of the other duties they have to complete in preparation for their upcoming baby. Another great option is our powder cannons, which require now cleanup and are 100% biodegradable. 

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