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Throwing A Gender Reveal Party

Throwing A Gender Reveal Party


Gender reveal parties have been all the rage over the last decade, with parents opting to throw a celebration and reveal the sex of a baby or babies; inviting their friends and family to join in on the festivities with them. They're so popular that even celebrities and sports stars take pride in the event, showcasing them for fans to see online.

  However, a gender reveal party is a little bit different than others, so if you're looking to throw one soon, you might be wondering how to get started! The good news is that we've got the info you need to throw a memorable party.

Hosting A Gender Reveal Event

  Anyone can throw the party, including the soon-to-be parents. Many times, a family member organizes the event, but it can be hosted by friends as well. If you're considering one, make sure you communicate well with others in the couple's inner circle to make sure nobody else has one in the works.

The Invite List  — Who Makes it?

  The answer to this question is simple: invite anyone who is close to the family and typically joins in on other celebrations such as anniversary or birthday parties. This could be friends or family, or even a combination of both. Gender reveal parties tend to be casual events, a gathering of people who are coming together to have fun and find out if the new addition is a boy or girl.

  Keep the invitation as simple as possible. Generally, this type of event is not a gift-giving event, so save the registry list for the baby shower that occurs near the end of the third trimester.

Crafty Gender Reveal Ideas

  If you're looking for gender reveal ideas, there are plenty of options. You can have a cake custom-made for the event with the interior icing reflecting the color of the baby's sex. For example, blue icing inside would indicate a boy, while pink icing indicates a girl.

  Or maybe you want to get a little more creative, you can put color-specific balloons in a box and have the couple open the box to reveal the color. Many party supply stores will do this for you for an added fee.

  Other ideas include using blue or pink smoke, or even gender reveal powder bombs that shoot into the air like a cannon, adding to the fun and leaving a lasting impression.

Gender Reveal Smoke

Hosting the Party

The party can take place almost anywhere, depending on the method you use to reveal the gender. To keep it casual, consider someone's house or a local park with a picnic area. If you decide to host it at a venue, make sure that they can accommodate your requests. For example, if you go with gender reveal smoke, not every venue is going to have the space or the ability to help you set that off. Some may even have restrictions about setting off smoke bombs in or around the premises.

The Gender Stays a Secret

  Typically, both the expectant parents and the guests are surprised at the same time, but it's purely a personal choice. Sometimes the excitement proves to be too much and the sex is revealed at the ultrasound and then shared as a surprise with the guests at a gender reveal party.

  It's important to note that while some parties have at least one person (the host) who knows, not every party operates this way. However, if you plan to use specific types of color bombs or other unique methods of revealing the gender, someone has to know in order to buy the appropriate supplies.

Decorating for the Event

  The decorations you choose should be gender neutral, or even a combination of pink and blue. This is true for streamers, balloons and even any treats, such as cupcakes, that you might want to offer. The idea is not to give away the gender (if you know it ahead of time) but to make it an event where the surprise is the biggest element.

Team Blue or Team Pink?

  Want to make the event even more fun? Turn it into a bet. Have arriving guests sign up for team blue or team pink by selecting a party favor such as a colored lei or hat. You can even create stickers for party-goers to wear such a mustache for a boy and a flower for a girl. When the gender reveal is made, those who picked the right gender receive a small goody bag or gift.

  The most important thing to remember when it comes to gender reveal parties is that the main purpose is the same as any other  — to come together and have fun. Don't worry about making the event perfect. As long as you have fun, the rest will come easy. We hope you enjoyed all of our gender reveal ideas for you to have the perfect big reveal. 


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