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What Type Of Powder Do You Use For Gender Reveals?

What Type Of Powder Do You Use For Gender Reveals?


  When we are planning a gender reveal celebration, we might choose to use gender reveal powder by itself or in a gender reveal cannon. This is a great way we can add a splash of color to our celebration and make it an experience that everyone will enjoy. Everyone we invite will be able to see the love we hold of our new family member. When we think about using gender reveal powder, we might have a few questions: What is the powder made of? Is it safe? How can we use such powder in our celebrations? Understanding what type of power is used means we can dance while color pours down from the sky and be sure to have an awe filled celebration.


What Kind of Gender Reveal Powder Do We Use?


  The gender powder that is most often used is Holi Powder. This powder is made from 100% FDA approved cornstarch or rice powder both which are safe and easy to clean up. Using gender reveal powders are perfect for a color toss photo shoot! Safely shower the new parents or the whole crowd in bright pink or blue powder. Using gender reveal powder means we will have the time we need to take the perfect picture.


Is Gender Reveal Powder Safe?


  Yes, gender reveal powder is safe for both our guests and the environment. Pink or blue gender reveal powder quickly and harmlessly washes away. This means it is a great choice if we want to have our gender reveal celebration at our favorite nature spots, or in our backyard. Our blue or pink gender reveal powder is so wonderful is because it is safe for both our guests and for the environment. As a bonus it is easy to clean up too.


How To Use Gender Reveal Powder? 


  Many of us choose to use our gender reveal powder in a gender reveal cannon. These cannons are simple to use. Simply twist and Shoot! Every gender reveal smoke cannon is made with compressed air and filled with bright blue or pink powder making them simple to use and safe for the environment. There is also just something fun about hearing a pop and then being covered in colorful powder that rains down from the sky. It is a way to safety bring the feel of fireworks to our celebration.


  The powder can also be bought and used in many other creative ways such as filling a balloon with the powder and then having the couple pop it or filling up a bucket and taking a shower in color. In other cases, we might want to recreate a color run and have everyone covered in gender reveal powder as they run by. Sometimes we might choose to completely cover a backyard or other space with pick or blue power and walk a blindfolded couple into the space so they will be completely surprised. 


Can We Buy Gender Reveal Powder In Bulk?


  Yes, depending on how much gender reveal powder we need we can buy it wholesale. This means we can use it any way that we can imagine such as filling a pool with the power and having the couple jump into it. When buying in bulk we can choose 1lb or 2lb packages of either pink or blue powder. Gender Reveal Powder is an exciting way to announce our newest family member. Bust out the white shirts and be prepared to have a blast! Throw or toss the reveal powder in the air and rejoice! Using such powder is a great way to host the perfect gender reveal celebration to reveal our newest family members. 


  There is something magical about filling a space with color. Gender reveal powder is safe to use and easy to clean up. In addition, gender reveal powder can allow us to turn simple items like a few white t-shirts into colorful reminders of the celebration we are having. Gender reveal powder is a great way to get everyone involved in the celebration and truly welcome a new child into the family.


  Everyone from older brothers and sisters to grandma and grandpa can get in on the fun. In addition, we might even send small bags of the powder to individuals who will not be able to be there in person so they can get in on the fun virtually. So, we can purchase some gender reveal powder and know we will have an event that everyone will always remember. For many of us the gender reveal celebration of our dreams involves gender reveal powder.

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