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Cool Gender Reveal Ideas

Cool Gender Reveal Ideas


  When we choose to have a gender reveal celebration, we want to choose cool and exciting ways to do the reveal. Gender reveals are as diverse as we are and can look like almost anything we could dream up. While this is wonderful some of us might want a list to help get the creative juices flowing. Some cool options include sport revealsconfetti cannon reveals, powder reveals, smoke reveals, and simple gender reveal parties. It is important to consider our options when planning a gender reveal to have the celebration we really want. Often it comes down to what ideas make the soon-to-be parents excited.


Score With A Sport Reveals


  One fun and popular gender reveal idea incorporates sports. Our gender reveal will be a slam dunk if we use a gender reveal basketball or a hole-in-one if we use a gender reveal golf ball. Using a gender reveal baseball will always be a home run while we will be able to perfect our touchdown dance if we use a gender reveal football. While we are sure to score if we use a gender reveal soccer ball, we can always use a gender reveal burnout if we are car enthusiasts. Sports are a great way to hang out with friends and family and celebrate our team winning so incorporating sports into a gender reveal will always lead to a good time no matter if we are professional sports fans or only watch occasionally.


Confetti Shower Reveals


  Who does not enjoy confetti raining down from the sky? Confetti makes us think of celebrations and parades. There are several ways we can incorporate confetti into our celebration. We could use a confetti cannon that shoots confetti high into the sky. We offer blue confetti cannons or pink confetti cannons if you already know the results. We could also use “he or she” balloons which are filled with confetti. We could fill a bucket with gender reveal confetti and then dump it over the happy couple. We can have guests throw handfuls of confetti at the soon-to-be parents as they pass through a tunnel we have created. It does not matter how we want to incorporate confetti into our gender reveal, no matter how we use it we are sure to have a fun celebration and a fun gender reveal. 


Fun Powder Reveals


  Powder reveals include everything from using a powder cannon to using a gender reveal powder filled sports ball. We can even purchase the gender reveal powder alone to create our own gender reveal items. Almost anything can be filled with gender reveal powder. We can also create amazing photos by having guests walk through a cloud of gender reveal powder wearing white items of clothing. Gender reveal powder kit can also be given to guests as keepsakes such as filling tiny, labeled jars with the powder.


Picture Perfect Smoke Reveals


  Sometimes we want a gender reveal party that is so hot that it is smoking. In these cases, we can use a smoke cannon which will fill out space with pink or blue smoke. This is a great option if we are having a bigger event and we want to make sure that everyone will clearly be able to see the reveal. Gender reveal smoke bombs also last between 60 and 75 seconds which gives us time to take pictures of our happy celebration that we can treasure long into the future. It is always nice to be able to take our time when we are having a gender reveal celebration. 


Cool Gender Reveal Parties


  Sometimes we want something a little simpler when planning a gender reveal party. In these cases, we can use a wide range of gender reveal paper goods such as paper cups, plates, and napkins. We can also use gender reveal decorations such as balloons, pinatas, or items for a photo booth. We can also make food items that help reveal the gender such as cupcakes filled with strawberry or blueberry filling. There are so many ways we can create fun and exciting gender reveal parties that everyone will enjoy.

  When planning a gender reveal celebration it is important that we remember to keep celebrating as the focus. There are many ways we can host a super cool gender reveal celebration that will warm the hearts of the happy couple as well as the guests who are also present. Everyone has the ability to be cool when planning a celebration because there are so many gender reveal items that are available to us. If we have an idea the odds are good, there is a product that would be a perfect fit for us and our celebration. 

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