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Best Time and Day To Have Gender Reveal Party

Best Time To Host Gender Reveal Party


  There's a lot of planning that goes into a gender reveal party. You have to consider the decor, the type of reveal products you're going to use and where to host the event. One thing that many people don't consider, at least initially, is the best time and day for the gender reveal party to take place. Hold it too early or late, and many people won't be able to come. The same concept applies to hosting the event during the middle of the week. Whether the party is for you or a loved one, focus on the most convenient days and times. 


When To Have Your Gender Reveal Party?


Weekends Reign Supreme

  When you think of any kind of party, you often think of weekends — that is, Saturday or Sunday. Many people are off on at least one of these two days, so it makes it easier for them to attend. When you want to be surrounded by your closest friends and family members, it makes sense to schedule the event on a weekend.

  Hosting a party on a weekend gives you plenty of time to plan, and you'll have a lot more selections when it comes to venue choices. Consider parks and pavilions, because you'll want an outdoor venue if you're using reveal products with powder explosions or gender reveal confetti cannons

  What about Fridays? Sometimes gatherings are possible on Friday evenings after work, depending on the schedule, but you'll want time to plan and there's one other thing to consider.

Gender Reveal Party Date


Daylight Hours Are Better

  Why daylight? Two important reasons: first, people generally have more availability during the day. Those who want to go out on dates or to socialize tend to make plans at night and that can leave little time to attend a party, especially if it's not planned out ahead of time. 

   Second, you can see the results much more clearly during daytime hours. Many gender reveal products release a powder that would be hard to see after sundown. Even the biggest explosions can leave you wondering what color is raining down on you, which takes away from the surprise element. Even if you install bright lights, the impact isn't nearly the same, so opt for daytime hours whenever possible to enhance your gender reveal party.

Consider a Brunch Date

  Brunch is a great time to hold the party. You can make it a complete event with breakfast and lunch foods as well as mimosas — plain orange juice for the mom-to-be, of course! Since brunch typically occurs between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm, it's ideal for many people who may have nighttime plans. 

   If you're renting a venue for the event, brunch hours tend to be cheaper than afternoon or evening as well, since these timeframes are often more in demand. So not only is there the bonus of having more friends and family likely available, but you won't have to spend as much, either.  

Couples Events

   If you're not hosting a full-on party, and you just want to do a simple gender reveal for you and your partner, you're not limited to a specific schedule. You can share the details with a trusted family member or friend and have them order you the appropriate products based on whether you're having a baby boy or girl. You can choose to do the reveal at any time. 

  Set up a camera in your backyard, or take a walk to the local park and have someone ready to take pictures. You can do a balloon or colorful explosion reveal, depending on your preferences. Keeping it between the two of you makes it intimate, and it doesn't mean that you can't hold a party in the future. 

Planning Ahead

  Unless you're doing the aforementioned couples-only reveal, you'll want to put some planning into the event, especially if there are special people you want in attendance. Choose a venue first so you can see which days are available, then coordinate with friends and family to see if the date works for them. Ultimately, you're not going to be able to satisfy everyone, so keep this in mind. 

  Make sure you stock up on the "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl!" products to have enough to go around. Even if you're kept in the dark, you can still buy the decorations and themed supplies to make it a colorful event. Combine the two elements and you'll have the winning recipe for a great celebration of your upcoming bundle of joy, no matter what time or day you decide to hold it.

Gender Reveal Time

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