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Sports Gender Reveal Ideas

Sports Gender Reveal


  If you’re a sports fan who wants to take the gender reveal party or video up a notch, consider incorporating your love of the game into the celebration. Sports reveals allow you to celebrate your baby’s gender in a way that highlights some of the traditions your family currently has. Check out these ideas for welcoming your newest little fan in a fun, unique way.

Level Up Your Game-Day Tradition At Reveal

  Do you regularly have friends and family over to watch the game? If so, consider incorporating your gender reveal into your next game-day gathering to keep things simple. For example, if you want to have a gender reveal that’s football themed and you’re a pro football fan, plan your reveal for Sunday afternoon. Then, invite your friends and family members to watch the game with you. At halftime, you can hold the actual reveal to announce whether you’ll be welcoming a little quarterback or cheerleader to your family. With our gender reveal football you can punt, kick, or throw to reveal!

  Not a football fan? It’s okay. You can use the same concept and a gender reveal baseball or reveal soccer ball instead. In fact, you can easily apply this concept to any sport your family loves. Of course, your reveal doesn’t have to be held on game day either. Sports-themed reveal parties can be held whenever you want. With October looming it's the best time of the year for Gender Reveal Baseballs.

sports baseball gender reveal

Stadium-Worthy Decor & Food For Gender Reveal

  One of the best things about hosting a sports-themed gender reveal party is that you don’t need overly elaborate decorations, food, and drinks. Instead, keep the majority of your decorations simple by choosing streamers, balloons, tablecloths, and other supplies in your team’s colors.

  Keep the food simple too. When coming up with ideas, think about the type of food you’d normally find at a stadium or ballpark — popcorn, nachos, Cracker Jacks, hot dogs, and hamburgers are all great options. Alternatively, choose food you’d normally serve on game day like chicken wings, chips and dip, and pizza. Sports-themed celebrations are typically casual events. Take advantage of that by keeping everything as simple as possible.

  Once you have the main decorations and food options determined, look for ways to add accents that are more gender-reveal related. Some ideas include:

  • Football and ballerina-shaped cookies decorated to say “Touchdowns or Tutus” Alternatively, you could make “buckets and bows” for a basketball-themed party or “baseballs or bows” for a baseball-themed event
  • Cupcakes decorated for “team pink” or "team blue”
  • A jersey-shaped cake that’s half pink and half blue

  Also, encourage your guests to arrive dressed in their favorite jersey or sports-related apparel. It will add to the gender reveal fun!

Who’s Your Sportscaster?

  Many gender reveal events are designed to surprise the parents as much as the guests. To do this, you need to choose a close friend or family member who’s good at keeping secrets as your “gender keeper.” 

  This person will, with your consent, contact your doctor’s office to find out the gender of your baby. Once the gender is known, your gender keeper needs to order or make your gender reveal container. For sports-themed events this is simple. You can purchase our pre-filled containers in shapes of footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and baseballs. Once the item arrives, your gender keeper simply needs to bring it to the event. Get ready to capture the shock and awe when using gender reveal sport surprises.

Who Makes the Final Cut For Gender Reveal Party?

  Chances are, not all of your close friends and family members are raving sports fans. So how do you decide who to invite to your sports-themed gender reveal, especially if you host it in conjunction with game day? 

  Typically, the baby’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings are invited. It’s also common to invite close friends of the family. If you host your event on game day, and some of your guests aren’t sports fans, consider having the reveal after the game. This way guests who aren’t interested in sports can show up later and everyone else can watch the game without worrying whether the non-sports-fans are entertained.

gender reveal sports

Place Your Bets 

  People love betting on sports, so why not let your guests bet on your baby’s gender too. Consider painting the tips of clothespins pink or blue. Then, let your guests choose their team. They can add the clothespin to their outfit while waiting for the big reveal. You could also use colored stickers or pins. After the reveal, hand out small goody bags to all the winners.

It’s Game Time — Revealing Your Baby’s Gender

  Gender reveal celebrations should be casual and fun. You don’t need to go overboard with the planning, but you should stick to your theme — even when making the announcement. To determine the best way to conduct the reveal, consider how the sport is actually played and replicate that. For example, if you’re having a football-themed gender reveal, get a gender reveal football filled with colored powder. Then, when it’s time for the reveal, kick a field goal to bust open the football and watch the powder burst out. Or, if you’re having a baseball-themed event, hit the gender reveal baseball out of the park with your favorite bat to bust it open. We even are thrilled to announce we now offer gender reveal golf balls.

  Ultimately, your sports-themed gender reveal party is about celebrating your baby with the people you care about the most. So relax, keep the planning process simple, and enjoy the day.

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