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How Do Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons Work?

How Do Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons Work?


  For many couples learning that they will be having a child is one of the highlights of their lives. Historically couples have found many ways to celebrate their good news including having elaborate baby announcements and baby showers. In addition to these traditional celebrations more and more couples are choosing to have gender reveal celebrations where they share the gender of their child to friends and family members. While these celebrations are relatively new there is a long list of gender reveal products that are available to the happy couple.


  In addition to traditional party items such as balloons or decorations, many couples are choosing to include gender reveal smoke cannons, gender reveal powder cannons, or gender reveal confetti cannons. These products are great for taking photos and videos that can last a lifetime. These products are also a great way to share the news with friends or family members who are unable to be at the event in person. Gender reveal cannons are especially useful in a time where couples are often concerned with being able to be socially distant.


Why Choose a Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon?


  Gender reveal confetti cannons are great if a couple has a large space in which they are celebrating. Or as some soon to be parents call them gender reveal confetti poppers are a great way to get all the friends and family members involved at the reveal party. Gender reveal confetti cannons are especially good if grandparents or others who should maintain social distancing are present. These cannons shoot high in the air so no matter where a guest is standing, they will be able to see the result.


  Confetti cannons are also perhaps one of the most exciting ways to announce the gender of a couple's upcoming child. Gender reveal confetti cannons burst over fifteen feet in the air and metallic blue or pink confetti and tissue paper will fill the air. These cannons reveal the gender of the couple’s child by shooting blue confetti for a boy or pink confetti for a girl. These cannons are a great way to announce the baby’s gender to the world. 


How Do Confetti Cannons Work?


  Confetti cannons work by simply twisting the bottom part to set the confetti cannon. These cannons can be held in a single hand and pointed towards the sky. While these are easy enough to use that older siblings may want to give it a try it is important that there is adult supervision. The key safety concern is to make sure the canons are not aimed directly at people in order to keep everyone safe.


  Gender reveal confetti cannons can be used indoors and outdoors and work best when shot right above loved one’s heads. Confetti poppers also make it easy to take photos which will leave others in awe, and which can be sent to anyone who could not be present in person. In addition, these cannons can be ordered to be sent directly to family members who can not be present allowing them to get in on the gender reveal action.


Will Guests Know in Advance What Color Will Appear?


  No. Confetti cannons are designed so no one (outside of the individual who made the order) will know the gender until the reveal. Each package contains two blue and two pink cannons with a secret note which explains how someone can tell which two are pink and blue. This means these confetti cannons are great if the couple wants to keep the gender a secret until the reveal. This also means these confetti canons are a great choice for cases of twins or triplets. Let us help you figure out the right number of gender reveal confetti cannons to order.


How Do We Clean Up After Using a Gender Reveal Cannon?


  Gender reveal cannons are filled with biodegradable confetti so after it rains 3-4 times the confetti will dissolve. While it still makes sense to pick up as much of the confetti as possible since the confetti is biodegradable, it can be swept up and put on the compost pile. This is useful because we don’t want to add a lot of work to a couple’s to-do list. Biodegradable confetti means that the couple can quickly go back to all the other tasks they have to get ready for their new child.


  Gender reveal poppers are a great choice when we want to share a baby's gender with all our friends and family members. Shooting biodegradable confetti up to 15 feet in the air is guaranteed to leave quite the impression. Gender reveal cannons keep the gender a secret until the big moment and can be used if twins or triplets are being expected. If we are looking for a fun way to celebrate a growing family, gender reveal confetti cannons are the way to go.

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