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Gender Reveal Decoration Ideas

Gender Reveal Decoration Ideas


  If you've ever had a baby, you already know that learning the gender of your baby is one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy. Having a party to tell the world makes it even more fun!

  The concept of the gender reveal party started in 2008 and has taken off in many different ways since. There are so many ways to celebrate, so we are here to help you with everything from gender reveal ideas to decorations and food options. One of the most fun parts of a gender reveal party is the decorating you get to do when planning the party. In this blog, you'll find a few gender reveal party decoration ideas that are super cute yet affordable for the parents-to-be at the same time. 

Choose a Gender Reveal Theme

  The first thing you want to do is get creative with your gender reveal theme, which will help you determine the types of decorations you want to display. You can even put up a banner or signs leading to the house with hints such as, tutus or touchdowns, bows or bowties, and even mermaids or pirates. The thing is to choose a gender reveal theme that matches your and your partners personalities. Once you have the right theme, it'll be easier to tie in the food, decorations, and even the invitations. 

He or She? Come in and See!

  One of the first things you're going to want to do is hang a gender reveal banner in the center of your front door. You'll be addressing the question that's on everyone's minds and inviting them in at the same time. 

  Don't forget to decorate your front porch with a set of gender reveal balloons to build anticipation and get everyone excited about what the gender of your baby is. 

Let a Decoration Double as a Game

  Add some fun to the party by allowing one of your decorations to double as a game. For example, if you choose senor or senorita as your gender reveal party theme, hang a pull string pinata and turn it into a game. You can also use a gender reveal pinata as your centerpiece, then at the end of the night, pull the string to reveal the colored candy inside, which will reveal the gender of your little one. 

A What Will It Bee Theme

  If you've chosen something like a What Will It Bee theme, one cute decoration idea to combine with food is little honey-bee-themed sweets in the form of cupcakes with icing for the dessert table. You can also use strips of decorative yellow and black crepe paper as a tablecloth for an added touch. Don't forget to get your gender reveal party supplies, such as plates, napkins, cups, and straws, before the party begins, as they are functional and make incredible decorations at the same time. 

A Staches or Lashes Theme

  If you're going with a staches or lashes theme for your gender reveal party, then there are a ton of ideas out there to decorate with, starting with a staches or lashes banner to hang above the table in your party room. 

  Take it a step further and use your staches or lashes baby cake topper for decoration as well. For added decoration, put some fake mustaches, fake lashes, or even some fake lips in bowls on the table, so guests can pop one on and become part of the decor and fun themselves. Don't forget our staches or lashes stickers for fun party games! 

Who Will Join Our Tribe Theme?

  The who will join our tribe theme lends itself to a variety of different decoration ideas. If you want to stray from the traditional pink and blue colors for your gender reveal party and decorations, then this is the way to do it. Try decorating in mint mixed with black and white instead. It's your gender reveal, so decorate in a way that makes you and your partner happy and in a way where everyone will have the most fun. 

Say It With Cake

  If you're looking for a decoration that says it all and can be your big gender reveal at the end of the party, then say it with cake. Go with a traditional pink and blue theme and let your gender reveal cake take center stage in the middle of the dessert table, where everyone can gather around for you to cut into it and reveal what color is inside to reveal what gender your little bundle of joy is. Need gender reveal dessert ideas? Or if you know you want a cake, we have gender reveal cake ideas to make your party one to remember! 

  These are just a few of the best decoration ideas to use when it's time to prepare for your gender reveal party. Remember, do what makes you and your partner happy with your gender reveal because you're what the whole thing is about. 


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