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How To Plan A Gender Reveal Party On A Budget

How To Plan A Gender Reveal Party On A Budget

Planning a Gender Reveal Party on a Budget!

  Planning a Gender Reveal Party can be a blast, but also stressful. Let’s find some great short cuts to cut costs and the make the most of your Gender Reveal Party! Of course this will also depend on many people your inviting and how likely they are to come. Being pregnant can be hard on some women and easy on others so we’re going to try and make this as simple as possible. After all, this should be one of the happiest times in your life!

  First, lets make sure we pick a date that coincides with when you will be able to find out the sex of your baby. If you are wanting to find out as early as possible, there is a blood test they will do at the doctor's office which could be as early as 10 weeks. If your prepared to wait and make sure there are no complications, around the 18-20 week mark the sonogram should be able to show whether it’s a boy or girl! Once you got the date all picked out, it's time for theme and invitations!

Ways To Save On Your Gender Reveal Party

  Looking for ways to cut costs on themes and invitations? You don’t necessarily have to pick out a very specific theme, as you may becomes bogged down looking for specific items. Especially with Gender Reveal Parties, the classic Blue or Pink is always a hit. If you want to do more specific such as “Tutus or Touchdowns”, “Bow or Boots”, or “Cupcake or Studmuffin” go for it! When picking out your invitations, you have to do a little bit of research. Check by shopping around whether at Walgreens, Vista Print, Shutterfly, or Etsy. You won’t believe the deals you can locate on Etsy with a little bit of homework. Etsy gives you the ability to speak directly with the vendor and getting an added discount is very easy. You can also sign up to receive their emails and you will usually receive coupons.

Gender Reveal Party Invites

  If you know what theme you are looking for then searching for invitations should be a breeze! If you wanted to do something really cost effective, you could always do an e-vite or emailed invitation. Social media could cut cost on printed invites as well as postage. Using Facebook or E-vite is the fastest and cheapest solution!

  After the invitations or e-vites have gone out it’s time to plan the menu! If you come from a big family like ours, most of the time they love to help! It’s always smart to enlist help from family and friends when doing a Gender Reveal Party! Usually I’ll handle the main course and ask family and friends to bring appetizers, salads, sides or desserts. Your food doesn’t necessarily have to coordinate with your theme of the reveal party, but if you wanted to have family or friends bring pink or blue food it would add a little extra to your party!

  Next on deck is the Gender Reveal Décor! This of course depends on where your having the gender reveal party. Most of the times the party starts inside and ends up in the backyard for the big gender reveal celebration. Outside is always nice as the beautiful day is a natural added décor, but for cute decoration on a budget don’t get cheated with the expensive party stores. Try to find a Dollar store nearby which usually has great basics such as plates, napkin, cups and silverware. Pretty easy to find as much Pink or Blue décor in there and see if it works for your gender reveal party. Other sporty stores will charge you a whole lot more!

Affordable Gender Reveal Supplies

  Last but not least is your final addition to the party, the Reveal! Since you have saved so much using the tips and tricks above, its time to pick the best part! This is one part that you want to be perfect so pick the reveal product you love and go with it. Normally I would say go all out, but if your on a budget check out these affordable gender reveal products. First is our Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs which are the best bang for the buck! At only $9.99 for a pack of four gender reveal smoke sticks make this an easy choice. This includes two pink gender reveal smoke bombs and two blue smoke bombs which has you prepared either way. This allows you to take some fantastic picture opportunities with your family and friends. Or if you were looking to incorporate a more “WOW Moment!” consider using our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons. This will allow all friends and family to partake in the fun. Have the new parents stand in front of everyone and tell them to close your eyes. Countdown, then wait for the pop and be showered in pink or blue gender reveal confetti!

Gender Reveal Smoke

  We hope we were able to assist you in planning and cutting costs with your gender reveal party. Planning your reveal party can seem daunting at times. However, if you take your time and do each tasks one at a time it will help you plan and execute the perfect party! Congratulations on your newest family addition from Gender Reveal Celebrations! Make sure to check out our other blogs and products on how to have a gender reveal to remember forever!

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