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When To Throw Your Gender Reveal Party

Picking A Gender Reveal Party Date

When To Have Your Gender Reveal Party 

Gender Reveal Party Idea

 Getting pregnant is one of the most exciting events to happen in life. Expanding your family whether it's your first or fifth child is always a happy time. There are so many thrilling things to get prepared for when you find out your dreams have come true and in nine short months you’ll have another family member! At Gender Reveal Celebrations our speciality is crafting products to help celebrate the reveal with your friends and family! One of the most popular questions expecting mothers bring to our attention is when to throw the gender reveal party? With preparing for your new arrival, finding the time to throw and organize a party may seem daunting. But trust us, you don’t want to miss having a gender reveal party with your loved ones! We wanted to help expecting parents know when the best time to plan their party and to sit back for the afternoon and find time to celebrate!

 There are multiple options for when to have your gender reveal party that you should consider before circling it on your calendar. You can always combine your gender reveal party with your baby shower and have it early on. It’s a nice addition to an already exciting  day, but now you get to do the reveal as well. If you like to have multiple parties (who doesn’t?) you can do your baby shower and your gender reveal separate. Any excuse to bring together family and friends for eating, drinking, and celebrating is a no brainer. You will just want to make sure you space the baby shower and gender reveal a little ways apart so people aren’t bombarded with your little one before he arrives.

 So many expectant mothers nowadays are excited to know the sex of the baby before it arrives. If your thinking about having a Gender reveal party you’ll need help from a family member or friend who can keep a secret! Most doctors offices are used to people not wanting to find out at the time of the appointment, but waiting to do their own gender reveal with close friends and family. Usually if you tell the staff at your doctors office they can write it down and put it in the envelope for your to give to your helpful family member or friend in charge of keeping the big secret.

  By 18 weeks an ultrasound technician should be able to tell the sex of the baby. Some people also find out the sex through noninvasive prenatal testing. This is a blood test that can detect at 10 weeks of pregnancy or later. It looks for pieces of the male sex chromosome in the expectant mother's blood to see if she's carrying a boy or a girl. So whether your two and a half months or four and a half months, you can have your party anytime after that. Most expectant mothers wait a little later to make sure there are no complications with the pregnancy. Anytime after 18-20 weeks is best time to have a gender reveal announcement. Once you know the sex it’s time to plan the party!

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas

  Planning the gender reveal party is always so fun for us at Gender Reveal Celebrations. We are happy to give great ideas about what products to use and how to get everything ready. It’s all about the baby, but also a great chance to bring family and friends together to celebrate and spend time with each other. If your thinking a more intimate reveal with you and your partner we have the perfect reveal for that as well! Once you have the date and invites are out, it's time for the best part, the actual gender reveal. We have so many options when it come to that exciting moment. Now it's time to pick the perfect pink or blue reveal!

  One of our most popular products is our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons and there's a reason for it! The photos of pink or blue confetti raining down on you and your partner in that moment make a scene no one will forget. If your doing a big party, we suggest buying a bunch and handing them out to friends and family. Get the photographer ready and count to 1…2…3! We are ecstatic to offer our gender reveal confetti cannon package for parents that are unsure of the sex. This includes 2 pink and 2 blue of our 12 inch or 18 inch gender reveal poppers at a discount. Our goal with our gender reveal cannons is to offer an affordable surprise that will really pack a punch! Each pink or blue gender reveal confetti cannon packs a punch and is as easy as point, twist, and shoot. If you are looking to order a large number of gender reveal cannons do not hesitate to reach out to us for a discount. Take a moment to read our blog to figure out how many confetti cannons are perfect for your gender reveal

  We also have parents who decide to do just the two of them. They stand together and shoot the confetti almost 15-20 feet in the air. Their faces as the pink or blue shiny confetti falls from the sky to reveal the little boy or girl is priceless. Make sure your photographer is ready when you pop those confetti cannons off. Sharing this intimate moment with you and your partner will be one you will never forget. The photos will last a lifetime and you can show that baby boy or girl the excitement you felt when it became very real that a new family was arriving very soon!

  If your looking for another alternative take a look at our Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs. We offer a pack of two blue and two pink so your ready no matter what! Our Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs for sale are one of our most affordable reveals! Let our pink smoke bomb gender reveal fill the air creating some truly awe-inspiring photos to share. This is the ultimate gender reveal if you are looking to do something with just your partner. The best part is you and your partner will have an absolute blast with these colored smoke cannons. We can guarantee everyone will fall in love with your gender reveal smoke pictures after the announcement.

  Are you in a rush for your Gender Reveal Party? Don’t worry at Gender Reveal Celebrations we offer express shipping on all of our products. We can guarantee we can make your product in time. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out. As parents, we know how important your reveal party is and we are honored to involved.

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