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Outdoor Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Outdoor Gender Reveal Party Ideas


  No matter what season is on the horizon, an outdoor gender reveal party is an option on the table. After all, babies aren’t looking at the calendar, and you want to share the news as soon as you can, no matter the weather. But you don’t necessarily want to be stuck indoors and limit your reveal options. For instance, can you imagine the colorful things you could do with a blanket of white snow on the ground?

  The truth is, planning your outdoor gender reveal party doesn’t need too many extra steps. Just a few more preparations beforehand, and you open up a whole new world of possibilities.


Decide on a Venue


  Maybe you want to throw a party in your backyard, but that’s not always possible. Depending on what you plan for the big reveal, the main event might not work there. For example, if you plan to shoot off fireworks, but your county or neighborhood doesn’t allow it, you’ll have to find another place to have your party. 

  You can look to friends or family to host your gender reveal or explore other outdoor spaces like parks, gardens, or courtyards. Make sure whatever place you choose allows for your gender reveal plan before booking.


Plan for the Unexpected


  Anytime you have a party outside, you have to consider the weather. Even if you end up with a sunny day and no rain or falling snow in sight, you need somewhere to serve your food and house your gift bags and presents for you and the baby. Not to mention, your party guests might need a way to get out of the sun for a time.

  To account for all of that and plan for the unexpected shower, be sure to look into outdoor tents that are easy to set up. You can even personalize them with custom prints for the occasion. How cute would that be? Consider it a pink or blue castle!

  Once you don’t have to worry about surprise weather and have all your stations covered that will give your party the space it needs, it’s time to plan the main event.


The Main Event


  Planning your theme and the gender reveal is the most fun part of the whole party planning process, and there’s no shortage of ideas. If you’re having a fall party, maybe you could center the theme around spooky pumpkins with gender reveal smoke bombs, Halloween candy with pink or blue candy inside a pinata, or Thanksgiving feasts with a gender reveal box centerpiece.

  Spring parties could center around blooming flowers, and tea parties with gender reveal cupcakes or sports themes with confetti cannons or an exploding gender reveal soccer ball kick to spoil the surprise. Or you could plan a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt with eggs full of color-coded treats.

  Summer could bring pool parties with platters of food and gender reveal balloons or outdoor movies with gender reveal popcorn to top off the day. 

  And if you’re lucky enough to have snow in the winter, it could be the perfect canvas for a reveal using paint, glitter, or confetti. Of course, you could also choose a winter holiday theme with a craft to reveal your baby’s gender. 


Make Your Gender Reveal Memorable for All


  The sky's the limit when choosing an outdoor gender reveal party, so let your imagination soar. But remember, no matter what theme you choose or what method you plan for your gender reveal, the point is to have fun. 

  Remember, you’re spending time with the people you love, sharing your happy news, and as long as you enjoy the celebration, you’ll make a memory no one will ever forget.

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