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Halloween Gender Reveal

Halloween Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Halloween Ideas

  Do you hear that? It's the sound of Halloween rapidly approaching. Before you know it the ghosts and goblins will be showing up at your door asking for treats, but the real treat is revealing the gender of the baby you're having. So how do you incorporate Halloween into your gender reveal? The answer is simple — any way you want! If you're looking for ideas, here are a few to get you started. 

Harry Potter

  This one is so fun, and it's such a popular theme because Harry is beloved all over the world. It'd be great if you could wave a wand and see blue or pink shoot out, but chances are your invitation to wizard school got lost in the mail. So instead, try these: 

  • Have someone dress up as one of the characters: Dumbledore, Harry or Hermione all work. When it's time for the reveal, have them wave the wand, casting a spell while setting off a gender reveal powder cannon or confetti cannon. You have to get the timing just right, otherwise, you'll have a barrel of laughs and have to start Hogwarts all over again!

Pumpkins, Gourds and Cornucopias, Oh My!

  Halloween is part of the beloved fall season, and that means incorporating pumpkins and other gourds into your reveal. Pumpkins can be hollowed out and used as a reveal. You simply place the smoke bomb inside a mason jar, then place that inside the pumpkin. Watch as blue or pink smoke comes gently billowing out, revealing to everyone the real treat — the gender of your baby boy or girl!

  Want to make it even spookier, do a haunted house set up, complete with a witch's cauldron. Only instead of boiling little kids and eye of newt, this cauldron is used to brew up a blue or pink storm. Follow the same idea as above with a blue or pink smoke bomb in a mason jar, or set up a pop-up box to reveal confetti when the cauldron is stirred. You'll have everyone asking how you did it but shh — the secret is ours. 

Disney Themed Parties

  Disney is such a large enterprise that you're bound to come up with a few ideas for a Halloween reveal centered around the infamous characters. Will your baby be:

  • Mickey or Minnie?
  • Donald or Daisy?
  • Lady or the Rascal?
  • Cinderella or Prince Charming?
  • Pongo or Perdita?

  Have your friends and family get creative. Dress up as a female character to guess girl or a male character to guess boy. At the very least you'll see some creative costumes and possibly get some laughs as your brother-in-law shows up dressed as Snow White. With so many movies to choose from, there's bound to be some excellent photos that you can put in your baby book.

Show Your Competitive Spirit

  The world of sports is a big one, therefore it goes without saying that hosting a costume party where everyone dresses up as their favorite athlete is a no-brainer. Soccer and baseball players and race car drivers will all be welcomed! Incorporate our sports balls like with our gender reveal soccer ball or football options. Checkout our Gender Reveal Burnouts with your tires and race off into the blue or pink speedway, the possibilities are endless.

  With sports themes, you'll also be able to set up tables with sports decor and banners, making it a true event. Get a sports cake or cupcakes with color-specific cream inside to do the reveal or pop a few balloons to reveal a new girl or boy addition. You can even set up a friendly wager among friends and family by establishing a "bookie" for the event to put a real spin on the festivities.

  Halloween has always been a time to let your creativity shine, and now you can do that by incorporating the holiday into your gender reveal. Set up some outside activities, where possible, or indoor games to keep the fun going all day or night long. With a wide selection of products available at Gender Reveal Celebrations, you'll have a myriad of options at your fingertips and it'll be hard to choose!

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