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Unique Gender Reveal Ideas 2022

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas 2022


  When deciding to have a gender reveal celebration, we want to make sure that we create an experience that will wow our guests. We want to create a showstopper that allows all our guests to be involved in the big reveal. We might wonder what some of the hot trends in gender reveal celebrations are this year and how we can make our reveal stand out from others we might have attended.

  The great news is there are a wide range of gender reveal party items we can choose from to create a unique gender reveal celebration. We can use gender reveal powder cannons, sports balls, confetti cannons, or even smoke bombs. In the end it comes down to choosing the gender reveal products that will help us create the experience of our dreams. There are so many ways we can welcome soon-to-be children into the world. 


Paint The Sky With Powder Cannons


  Gender reveal smoke cannons are made with compressed air and packed with brightly colored pink or blue powder making them easy to use and safe for the environment. These cannons produce a bright cloud that is perfect for pictures. These are a great way to get friends and family excited about welcoming a new child into the world. Another great thing about gender reveal powder cannons is the powder is water soluble so there is no need to clean up afterwards and the party does not have to ever stop. 

  One great way to use gender reveal powder cannons is to have everyone wear plain white outfits to really allow the bright pink or blue powder that rains down to stand out, in our memories as well as in all the photos taken at the event. You choose to use these gender reveal powder cannons just for the soon to be parents or you can include everyone at the party! 


A Sporty Gender Reveal 


  You name the sports and we have you covered with our sports gender reveal balls. Whether you love homering a gender reveal baseball or slamming our basketball gender reveal we can help create the perfect moment! No matter what sports the parents hold dear there is a gender reveal sports item which is perfect for them. All these items are filled with enough brightly colored powder that there is plenty of time to celebrate as the air is filled with a cloud of color. This is important because no one wants to blink and miss the reveal. Exploding gender reveal sports balls will create a stunning moment that can be shared with friends and family members.

  One great way to use gender reveal sports balls is playing sports with the balls and getting action shots of everyone having a wonderful time as color rains down on them. Imagine the impact of a photo of that gender revealing slam dunk, touchdown, or golf shot.   


Let It Rain Pink or Blue Confetti


  Gender reveal confetti cannons are a great way to make a big impression. These cannons shoot blue or pink confetti over 15 feet in the air meaning that they are great for large outdoor spaces where lots of family and friends are involved. These cannons use biodegradable confetti which means there is no need for a time consuming clean up afterwards, just wait for the next rain shower. No matter who is invited they will love seeing a confetti cannon. 

  These confetti cannons are so easy to use. All someone must do is point them towards the sky and simply twist the bottom part. These are so easy that they can be done one handed. This means they are great options to get grandparents and older siblings involved. Note: If younger children are using the confetti cannons make sure there is adult supervision to make sure the child does not direct the cannon directly at someone.


Create Smoke Clouds Of Art


  Gender reveal smoke bombs burn pink or blue for 60-75 seconds which is plenty of time to get several wonderful photos in. To use a gender reveal smoke bomb, carefully light the wick at the bottom with a barbecue lighter and simply start a 10 seconds countdown, After 10 seconds the color will begin to pour out. When using gender reveal smoke bombs it is important to follow all safety directions given so that everyone has wonderful memories to bring home. These smoke bombs are also great if some of the guests are virtual because there will be no doubt about what gender is revealed. 

  Using a smoke bomb to fill the whole area with pink or blue smoke is a great way to create a show stopping gender reveal that everyone will always remember. Just imagine the amazing photos and videos that can be taken when gender reveal smoke bombs are used. 

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