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Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas


  When planning a gender reveal celebration there are so many amazing ways we can celebrate, as well as cute gender reveal items we can use. Sometimes we might start to feel a bit overwhelmed. We might wonder how we could ever choose the right gender to reveal celebration items. 

  The good news is hosting a gender reveal party does not have to be complicated. Here is a list of 10 gender reveal items that are sure to make any gender celebration cute and wonderful. We can use these items to be inspired and to create a personalized gender reveal experience that we are guaranteed to love. 


Let There Be Balloons


  There is something about balloons which always makes us smile. There are a wide range of gender reveal balloons we might choose from for our gender reveal celebration including royal blue or dashing pink balloons, balloon garlands, pink or blue LED balloons, or even our most popular balloon drop kit that reveals with the correct color balloons. Balloons fit well into any celebration and are sure to make us feel festive.


Fizzle With Our Bath Bombs


  Sometimes when we have a gender reveal we want to send the quests home with something to remember the celebration. In addition, if guests are unable to meet in person, we might choose to mail items so everyone can get in on the party. Gender reveal bath bombs make great reveal favors since everyone enjoys a nice relaxing warm bath.


Let It Rain Down With Confetti Cannons


  Confetti cannons mean we can shoot blue or pink confetti up to 15 feet in the air. This is a great choice if we are hosting our gender reveal outside. They are as simple to use as twisting the bottom half so anyone can get in on the fun. As an added bonus biodegradable confetti is used in these cannons which means there is no need for a time consuming clean up afterwards. Consider our gender reveal confetti cannons to capture a memorable reveal for the entire party. 


Decorate The Scene With Party Items


  When hosting a gender reveal party, we can choose from a wide range of traditional party items. We might pick blue or pink plates, napkins, cups, and straws. We might also choose a wide range of baby shower banners, cake toppers, and stashes. No matter what party items we choose they all add joy and cuteness to our celebration. Even consider our collection of gender reveal stickers to add the perfect favors to your big reveal.


Smash Pinatas


  These are a wonderful and classic way to do a gender reveal. These pinatas are filled with blue or pink confetti which will fill our space. Gender real pinatas are easy to use since they have a pull string. This means they can be used in spaces that we might not think about for using a pinata. Pinatas are simply a lot of fun no matter the occasion. 


Poof Powder Cannons


  These gender reveal powder cannons are filled with brightly colored eco-friendly pink or blue powder. There are many ways to use powder cannons to capture great photos such as having everyone wear white outfits. Gender reveal smoke canons are also super easy to clean up after which means we can spend more time enjoying the celebration.


Fun Gender Reveal Prop Photos


  Sometimes having props can add that little bit of extra wow to our celebration. We can choose from handheld gender reveal photo props, photo filters, or gender reveal pins. These are all great ways to get people involved in guessing the gender before the big reveal. The more anticipation there is the more exciting the final reveal will be.


Fun Gender Reveal Shirts


  Shirts are a great way to have a permanent memory of a gender reveal celebration. There are shirts for the parents to wear as well as shirts for the keeper of the gender. There are even shirts for all our gender reveal guests. Why should we only celebrate once when we can celebrate using a gender reveal shirt that we can wear over and over again, long into the future?


Let Smoke bombs Color The Sky


  Gender reveal smoke bombs are lit using a barbecue lighter, and after a 10 second countdown burn pink or blue for 60-75 seconds which is plenty of time to get several wonderful photos. Smoke bombs are also great if family or friends are joining virtually because there will be no question about what gender is being revealed.


For Sports Fanatic's 


  There are many gender reveal sport items available to us. We can choose from baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, golf balls, or even gender reveal burnouts for racing and car enthusiasts. All these items are filled with brightly colored powder and are sure to be a big hit. Imagine capturing that perfect gender revealing slam dunk, touchdown, or golf shot in a picture. Sports items are a great way to incorporate a passion for sports into a gender reveal celebration. We promise you can't go wrong with our most popular gender reveal football or gender reveal golf ball

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