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10 Gender Reveal Party Mistakes Not To Make

10 Gender Reveal Party Mistakes Not To Make


  Whoohoo! You are having a baby! What an exciting time in your life. A shiny new human is one of the greatest and most challenging gifts you will receive in your life. But before you get to hold your sweet little version of yourself, you gotta get through the pregnancy. 

  And hello! You have to have a gender reveal party to learn whether or not you are having a handsome little man or a beautiful baby girl. These celebrations are so much fun, however, there is potential for failure. A balloon could pop prematurely or there might be a decoration fail. In other words, there are some things you might want to keep your eyes peeled for just to be sure you have the best day possible. 

  Here are the top 10 gender reveal party "don'ts" you don’t want to make. 


10. Don’t Fudge the Cake


  When you are planning your gender reveal party, make sure the person you chose to plan the party pays special attention to the details. 

  For example, if you want to reveal the gender with a cake, make sure your secret keeper gives very clear instructions to the bakery. You want a cake that has one color in the middle, typically blue or pink, that will let you know right away if the new babe is a boy or a girl. What happens if the instructions aren't clear? 

  Picture this: You and your partner pull off the beautiful gender reveal topper, cut open the cake excitedly, look down to see what color candy is going to pour from the center and you're horrified. The candy is multicolored and now you have no idea what the baby's gender is. Check out our Gender Reveal Cake Ideas for added inspiration. 


9. Don't Forget to Tell Everyone You’re Revealing the Gender


  When you are revealing the gender of your baby, make sure the participants of the big moment know what's happening. The last thing you want to do is hand the only gender reveal cupcake to your partner and watch them eat the entire thing in one bite without looking in the center. 


8. Don’t Forget to Decorate


  Remember, every party needs decorations! You can buy cute boy or girl gender reveal balloons to decorate the space. Also, if you are going to have cupcakes or cake, there are cute toppers that can be placed on top to accent the sweet treats. Check out all of our Gender Reveal Party items at Gender Reveal Celebrations. Hang some streamers where you can, whatever you want to do to make the venue fun and exciting.


7. Don't Give Party Props to Little Ones


  Be sure no little hands can get a hold of the gender reveal props and spoil the surprise. For instance, you don't want your toddler to jump up and pop your gender reveal balloon while you're walking into the party, spoiling the surprise.


6. Don’t Make Your Own Explosives


  We know this might seem like odd advice, but it’s necessary. People have been injured because they made explosive gender reveal props for the party. Please do not take on DIY gender reveal projects that could blow off appendages. There are plenty of safe and affordable props for you to buy like our gender reveal smoke bomb


5. Don't Be too Hard on Yourself 


  At some point, you may rewatch your gender reveal video and think, “I look miserable.” Or maybe you began ugly crying when you found out you were having a girl, but you really wanted a boy. 

  Remember, you’re allowed to be surprised and even disappointed if you really had your heart set on those boy names. It’s normal and totally fine, it doesn't mean you'll love your baby any less. Be kind to yourself.


4. Don't Pick the Wrong Venue 


  When you are planning your party, make sure you pick a venue that is appropriate. For instance, if you are using a gender reveal confetti cannon, you don’t want to do it on the beach. If you’re lighting a blue or pink smoke bomb, make sure you do it outside of your house.


3. Don’t Forget The Props!


  Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the party to remember are the props! Figure how you want to reveal the baby and then choose the tool. You can buy gender reveal powder cannons, a dart balloon, hang balloons from the ceiling or even a gender reveal smoke cannon

  They’re all so much fun!


2. Don't Pick a Loose-Lipped Secret Keeper


  Have you ever heard the expression, “loose lips sink ships?” Well, loose lips ruin gender reveal parties as well. The last thing you want to do is pick a person to hold the gender secret and then they go and tell everyone else before the big day. 

  Make sure you pick a trustworthy person who won’t talk about it and also won’t lose the envelope with the baby’s gender in it.


1. Don’t Peek


  Finally, don’t peek! It’s going to be hard, but you don’t want to ruin your big surprise. You will find out soon enough. Need more Gender Reveal Ideas, we have you covered check out our blog section.

  Congratulations and good luck!!

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