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How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party Under $100

Planning an affordable Gender Reveal Party


  A gender reveal party is one of the most exciting events during pregnancy. Like a baby shower, it’s usually attended by your close friends and family. Everyone comes together to learn what your beautiful, new baby-to-be is going to be: a boy or a girl. These celebrations can cost thousands of dollars if you throw a big event. 

  But what if you want something smaller and less expensive? Is it possible to throw a gender reveal party for under $100? 

  You betcha!

  These celebrations can be fun and inexpensive. You just have to know a few cost-saving tips to help you throw a party for $100 or less. 

Decorate Your Space

  The first party task you are going to want to take care of is decorating. You might think that this is one of the most expensive aspects of party planning, but you can actually spend $20 or less. To save money, don't buy disposable plates, cups, and cutlery. Instead, use what you already own.

  To make a centerpiece for your table, cut some fresh flowers from your garden (or your mom's) and put them in old spaghetti jars that you've decorated yourself. Grab some white lights out of the box you store your Christmas decorations in and place them in on the top of the table. You can also buy some streamers from the store for under $5 and hang them up in the room. 

  Finally, you can get an awesome boy or girl balloon set for $6.99 and string one balloon to each parent's chair. 

Don’t Forget the Food

  Food can get a bit pricey, especially if you also want dessert. We suggest budgeting $45 for the food. 

  You can bake cupcakes from a boxed mix for $5. Then make frosting out of the butter, powdered sugar and vanilla that you already have in your kitchen cabinet. If you don't have the ingredients, you can find frosting for under $5 at the grocery store. To decorate the top of the sweet treats, buy gender reveal cake toppers for $7.99. Thinking of having a gender reveal cake? Check out all of our gender reveal ideas to announce or plan! 

  As for finger foods, go super simple. A couple of submarine sandwiches at your local supermarket can cost under $15. If you cut them up into small servings, you can really stretch them. If you want a little something extra, deviled eggs can be made for under $5. You can also spend $5 to $7 on some fresh fruit at your local market. 

A Simple and Inexpensive Punch Recipe

  You can't forget the drinks, of course. Making a big bowl of punch for $10 is the way to go here. If some of your guests don't like punch, put out some pitchers of ice water for them. 

  Here is a simple recipe for refreshing and delicious punch. This is a go-to for any gender reveal party because it is so simple, all you need is three ingredients.

  • 2-liter lemon-lime soda
  • 1/2 gallon sherbet ice cream (any flavor)
  • Jug of Hawaiian Punch (any flavor)


  Mix equal parts lemon-lime soda and Hawaiian Punch. Top the punch with scoops of sherbet ice cream. 

  If you want to get really fancy, you can use the change you have left and buy an orange, slice it up and top the punch with the fresh fruit or place it around the rim of the punch bowl. 

Gender Reveal Props Everywhere!

  Finally, the most important item on the list: gender reveal props! You have a $30 budget for these and the great thing is that the props are extremely affordable. Here are a few of our favorite props for the party. 

  • Gender reveal darts: This a fun way to let everyone in on the big secret and you can purchase one in the reveal color you need for $19.99. When the time comes, you set the balloon up and strike it with two darts. Blue or pink-colored powder will burst out and everyone will learn what the baby is. 

  • Gender reveal kit: This kit is pretty cool because it includes gender reveal smoke bombs and confetti cannons along with balloons to accent your decorations for as low as $29.99. 

  • Gender reveal confetti cannon: These are so much fun and incredibly easy to use. The best part? Each one is only $3.50, so you could buy a few gender reveal confetti cannons. When it comes time to announce the gender of the new babe, all you do is point, twist, and POP! Pink or blue colored confetti will shoot out of the top and rain down the reveal the gender.

Party Like Rockstars

  You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a nice party; you just have to get a little creative. And, of course, have a great time! Congratulations from Gender Reveal Celebrations on your newest family memebr!

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