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Fall Gender Reveal Ideas

Fall Gender Reveal Ideas

Fall Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

  Summer's ended and we're now in the wonderful fall season. What's not to love? The leaves change color creating beautiful landscapes and soon, Halloween and Thanksgiving are upon us. But, there's one more reason to love fall — the autumn-themed gender reveals that set your parties apart!


Pumpkin Gender Reveals

  Babies and pumpkins go together, well, just like mashed potatoes and gravy. How many cute photos have you seen of an infant sitting in a hollowed-out pumpkin? It just never gets old. 

  Gender reveal parties give you another way to use these infamous gourds, though. Instead of a baby, put a gender reveal smoke bomb inside and then marvel as the blue or pink powder comes pouring out. It's a great way to celebrate your upcoming birth with family and friends and you can make it part of your seasonal festivities.


A New Take on Halloween Candy

  Halloween is one of the most popular fall holidays because of all the sweets and innovative costumes! Hosting a gender reveal/costume party is a great way to put a new spin on the revelation. The ideas for decorating are endless. Fill up bowls with pink and blue M&Ms, splurge on custom color labels and invite people to show up wearing the color of the gender they think you're having. 

  Another idea is to do a reverse trick or treating event. Travel — when possible — to family and friend's houses, handing out candy bars that reveal the gender. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Package blue or pink candy in a box.
  • Create your own "reveal" labels to go over the existing ones - as they unwrap the candy bar, they'll see blue or pink inside the label. 

  If you host a Halloween party, you can set up a pinata in the yard and fill it with pink- or blue-themed candy to reveal the gender. This is a great way to get siblings or cousins involved, too! Make sure to check out all of our Spooky Halloween Ideas!

Something's Brewing

  Witches' cauldrons are a fun way to incorporate your gender reveal. Powder bags of blue and pink easily fit inside. To reveal, it's as easy as "stirring the pot" to release the blue or pink powder — talk about a magical event. Plus, it's unique, so your reveal will be the talk of the family for years to come. Good luck to anyone who tries to outdo you! Did someone say a Harry Potter Gender Reveal


Thanksgiving Reveals

  What better way to give thanks than to host a few of your favorite people and celebrate your pregnancy? Adding a gender reveal only makes the gathering that much more special and, believe it or not, it doesn't require too much additional planning. 

A Few of Our Favorite Items

  While your colors are going to be blue or pink, there's no reason you can't have a little fun with it. That's why we offer a wide selection of products that can fill pumpkins or even be used during your annual backyard Thanksgiving baseball game, for example. Everyone has their holiday traditions, all you need to do is think of a fun way to incorporate the reveal into them. Involve someone trustworthy, who won't give away the secret before it's time, or buy enough smoke cannons for everyone to set off and make a video of the event. Here are a few other products: 

  • Sports - if your family is comprised of sports lovers, you'll find a wide variety of items. Consider a football, baseball or hockey puck, depending on the parents' favorite pastime. 
  • Balloons - you can never have too many balloons… they work in all events and a gender reveal is one. Try doing a dart toss, where people take turns throwing darts to reveal the color inside, or host a party with a giant gender reveal box holding the gender-specific color inside. 
  • Confetti - Who doesn't love confetti? We do recommend doing this outside though because cleanup is much easier. However, just imagine a fall backdrop with leaves changing colors and confetti all around as the family exclaims in joy. It will make for a memorable moment — and picture — don't forget to set up a camera or have someone record!

  There are many ideas you can incorporate into your gender reveal, especially in the fall. If the weather is crisp, bring the party indoors — we're more than happy to help. Let your imagination lead the way - use a cornucopia, cauldron, or pumpkin as a centerpiece and you'll make a lasting impact. Congratulations! It's a… 

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