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Gender Reveal Ideas With Siblings

Gender Reveal Ideas With Siblings

  Gender reveal parties are one of the more exciting parts of pregnancy. Instead of finding out the sex of the baby in a sterile doctor's office, parents can make it a whole event. These celebrations are fun when it's just mom and dad involved in the reveal, but they're even better when the tiny human's siblings are in on it.

  Finding just the right theme is hard though, especially when there are so many these days. That's okay though, we've helped narrow it down for you. All you have to do is choose a party idea and designate the keeper of the gender and wait for the big reveal!

Gender Reveal Powder Explosin

  Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons are one of the most popular gender reveal products and older kids can partake in the fun and excitement! They’re not like our Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs; which need to be lit with a flame. You simply just need to Twist & Pop with these Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons. Watching your little one help create a cloud of vibrant pink or blue smoke in the sky to behold like a firework is a moment to behold. 

Raining Confetti Reveal Party

  Like Smoke Powder Cannons, there are also pretty sweet Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons. These shoot up Pink or Blue Confetti into the sky making it rain the gender of your growing bundle of joy. Older kids can shoot these confetti poppers of as well. Trust us, you will absolutely adore watching your son or daughter run and play into the endless falling confetti! Remember to bring your camera to capture all of the fun! 

Gender Reveal Party with Siblings

Cake, Cake, and More Cake

  Gender reveal cakes aren’t just fun, they’re delicious and the big brothers/sisters can have a lot of fun. If you don’t mind your kids knowing before you, they can help the designated keeper of the gender to make the cake or cupcakes. All they have to do is add food coloring to the batter. 

  There are some adorable and trendy cake toppers that the kids can add to the top of the cake. Just make sure you only do this if you know the baby’s siblings can keep the secret. 

Balloons and Even More Balloons!

  Have the person you designated to plan the party fill boxes with balloons that represent the gender of the baby. Each kid should have their own gender reveal box. At your party, you'll line the kids up and have them open the boxes at the same time to reveal the sex of their shiny new sibling. Just watch as they marvel and celebrate as the balloons rise up to reveal the news! 

  Another popular gender reveal idea with siblings is to buy a gender reveal balloon that's filled with pink or blue confetti. At the party, have your child hold it and then you can pop the balloon. Consider this the ultimate teamwork gender reveal party item.

  There are also balloons filled with all-natural pink or blue holi powder allowing you to play Gender Reveal Darts! When your kids pop the balloons, the pretty powder will billow out, revealing the gender of your latest blessing.

  Just make sure your child is old enough so the POP sound doesn't startle them. 

Hit a Gender Reveal Piñata 

  Let's be honest, who doesn't love a piñata party?! There's nothing quite like watching kids pound on a paper-mâché animal and shake out a bunch of candy. So, obviously we created an awesome Gender Reveal Pinata to help reveal! 

  Instead of filling the piñata with colorful candy, your secret keeper could fill it with blue or pink goodies. Just like you would at a regular party, give your kid a club and let them have at it. 

Explosive Fun  

  Are your kids a fan of Harry Potter? You could do a whole Hogwarts Themed Party complete with a Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb inside of a cauldron that lets everyone know what the baby is going to be. Who doesn't love a Harry Potter Gender Reveal

  Volcanoes aren't just for awesome school science projects, they can make really incredible props for gender reveal parties too. You could build the volcano with your other kids or buy one offline. There are some really cool designs these days. All you have to do is add food coloring to the baking powder before your kids add the vinegar. Let the lava explode be pink or blue smoke to reveal the news.

What Are They Wearing?

  T-shirts for your kids with "It's a boy!", "It's a girl!", or some other clever saying is a pretty neat and simple way to spill the secret. If you want to be surprised too, you can have the party planner place the kids in a line with their shirts on and then turn around. 

  You could also dress the kids in white shirts, put them on the lawn and squirt them with toy guns filled with colored water that lets everyone know what the baby is going to be. This is a lot of fun because what kid doesn't like a squirt-gun fight? You could even switch roles and let the kids spray the parents.Just another Gender Reveal Idea for kids!

A Day to Remember Forever

  Ask your kids if they have any opinion on what gender reveal theme you should choose. That will allow them to be involved from the very beginning. It doesn't matter how you choose to reveal the gender of the baby, just make sure you have fun doing it. This is one of the few times in life that are just completely, and utterly full of joy. Soak it in.

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