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Gender Reveal Picture Ideas

Gender Reveal Picture Ideas

  Revealing the gender of your baby to the world is incredibly exciting. Throwing a party and inviting your closest friends and family is a terrific way to do it, but it's not the only option. Some people just aren't big fans of large celebrations.

  If you are one of those people, a photoshoot would be a great idea for you. It allows you to share your news without any of the party clean-up. Plus, if you have other kids or pets, you can get them involved too! We have put together the best ideas for gender reveal pictures!

Smoky Revelations 

  Gender reveal smoke cannons and gender reveal smoke bombs are two of the coolest ways to reveal the gender of your new bundle of joy. A photoshoot with these props is a lot of fun. 

  Here a few of the pictures you may want your photographer to capture:

  • You and your significant other should face one another while standing about 5 feet apart. Then both of you will want to point the gender reveal smoke bombs out in front of you but at an angle so your smoke meets in the middle then twist. Sometimes when the smoke meets in the middle, it forms really cool shapes. Maybe you'll even get a heart!
  • Embrace your partner and place a blue or pink smoke bomb at your feet. Have someone set the prop off and then give your significant other a big smooch. 
  • If you have other children, you could stand somewhere picturesque (a beach or in front of a field of flowers), pose like you are taking a fun family photo and have someone set the smoke bomb off behind everyone. 

Confetti Excitement 

  Who doesn't love confetti? It's like glitter but it won't follow you around for the next three months! Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons work like the smoke cannons, you just point and twist them. Super easy and a lot of fun!

  Check out these Gender Reveal Picture Ideas:

  • You and your partner can wear a different color shirt representing the gender you are hoping for, then twist the cannon and look up at the confetti. Your photographer will start snapping away and capture the gleeful expression on your faces. 
  • Get the baby's siblings involved by letting older kids hold the cannon or gender reveal confetti push pop. You and your significant other will be covered in confetti  —  what could be cuter? 
  • Have your family stand behind you and set off the cannon. You can kiss your partner or just jump for joy. Okay, maybe they should just jump for joy. 

T-Shirt Reveal

  We love this gender reveal idea because it's both artsy and fun. Wear a white shirt that shows your baby off, take a photo of your baby bump in the shirt. Then have your partner press their hands in colored paint representing the gender and snap a picture. Have them press their hands over the baby bump and, you guessed it, take a pic. Then, have them lift their hands to reveal the gender of the baby.

  You can leave these photos in color or change them to black and white, leaving just the handprints colored. If you have other kids, they can press their hands on your belly too. The great thing is that you can save the shirt for your memory box. 

Sibling Revelations 

  There are all sorts of ways to get your other kids in on the big reveal. 

  Here are some fun ideas:

  • Get gender reveal balloons and have your photographer snap a photo of your child popping the balloon. You can be in the photo with them so that your facial expression is captured too or you can let your kiddo have a solo photo shoot.
  • Have you ever seen a smash cake photo shoot for a 1-year-old? You could do that but with a gender reveal cake. Imagine how cute the photos would be!
  • Your other kids could open the gender reveal box and release the colored balloons while the photographer snaps away!
  • Buy a gender reveal balloon kit and have your child pull the string when the time comes. Colored balloons will fall from the ceiling over the whole family, revealing the gender of your kids' shiny new sibling. The pictures taken as the balloons fill the space around you will be really cool and you'll cherish them forever. 

Have Fun!

  You could have the best of both worlds and hold a party and a photo shoot on the same day. There's no reason you have to pick one over the other. Also, you could get your pets in on the fun as well. Really, the options are limitless. Whichever way you choose to reveal your baby's gender, remember to take a moment to savor it. It's one of the few real surprises in life!

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