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When Should A Gender Reveal Be Done?

When Should A Gender Reveal Be Done


  As soon as parents know that they are expecting they often start thinking about everything they need to do to prepare for their new child. Many parents know they will want to have a gender reveal celebration as soon as they know their child’s gender. As we plan for a gender reveal celebration, we wonder what the best time is to have such a reveal. We are likely to ask a range of questions: How early can we know the gender of our child? When should we start planning a gender reveal party? When should we schedule to have our gender reveal celebration? These questions will help us plan the gender reveal of our dreams.


Why Do Parents Have Gender Reveals?


  Gender Reveal celebrations provide a picture worthy celebration for parents to share the good news about their soon-to-be child's gender. These are fun events where we can forever capture the looks of joy and surprise on everyone’s faces as they find out the gender of the child. Gender reveals are also an exciting way to connect our child with everyone who will be part of their wider community. In addition, who does not like an excuse to throw a party? It does not matter if parents like small gatherings or enjoy grand celebrations that they can invite everyone they know to, either way gender reveal celebrations are a great idea. Some of these reveals involve small treats to reveal the gender while in other cases gender reveal balloons, gender reveal confetti cannons, or powder cannons might be chosen to be used. Make sure to check out all of the great gender reveal ideas we have available.


How Early Can Parents Know Their Child's Gender?


  Typically, Doctors find that around weeks 19 to 20 the baby's gender will be able to be determined via an ultrasound (in some cases it can be determined as early as week 14 but those extra few weeks means it is more likely to be able to be determined accurately) In addition there are other tests that a doctor might choose to do such as noninvasive prenatal testing or amniocentesis which could reveal the gender even sooner. It is important to note if parents are expecting twins or other multiples it may take longer before a doctor can determine their gender. If parents want to have a clearer date, they should talk to their doctors about their wishes to know and ask when their doctors think the gender will be able to be determined.


When Should Parents Start Planning A Reveal?


  At any time during the pregnancy the parents can decide they are going to want to do a gender reveal. During this planning stage it is important to think about what kind of celebration the parents want, who is going to host the big reveal, and whether the parents will know the gender before the celebration. The more planning that is done the sooner a gender reveal celebration can occur. Planning these celebrations in advance makes sense since as the pregnancy progresses there is likely more and more tasks on the parents to do list. The sooner the parents start planning, the less rushed and less stressed it will feel. No parent needs to feel rushed and find they don’t have the amazing experience they hoped to have simply because they ran out of time.


When Should A Gender Reveal Celebration Occur?


  A gender reveal celebration can occur any time after the gender is determined. We will often want to schedule the celebration at least a week or two after we are expecting to be able to find out the gender. This allows the host to be able to get all the gender reveal items they need together. The size of the planned celebration also determines the timing. The bigger the event the more likely that it will take a few weeks to get everything in order. If you want to know what the best time and day to reveal check out these exciting ideas. 


  When exactly a gender reveal celebration occurs, really comes down to the tastes of the parents. Sometimes we want to share the news as soon as we know while in other cases, we might want to wait until closer to the arrival of our child. It is also important to consider both our own schedules and the schedules of those we plan to invite. Finally, when we choose to have our celebration can depend on if we are planning an in-person event or if we are going to do a virtual event and want the time to mail gender reveal items so everyone can share in the reveal. Over all the sooner we start planning the easier and more stress free the process will be. If you do plan on putting your gender reveal party together on the spot we have tons of helpful tips and tricks. Even if you need baby announcement ideas head on our to our blog to plan the perfect family reveal. 

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